Every Journey Begin's...

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You were walking through the school gates, getting looks from all the girls around the school. You noticed 3 guys lying on their backs on a grass hill, but nothing to be alarmed with. You kept walking till you got to your class and took a seat where the teacher had asked you to. 

So, i can finally try and start a normal life. Once i get out of here i won't have to be hunting those strays and doing others work just to get by, plus with how easy it was to get in as a second year was a little scary. Still though...

You looked around and everybody was making idle chat before class started. 

I don't like the amount of devil energy that's around here.

You noticed one of the three guys from earlier was running for his life. You got up and left to go and see what the hell was going on and when you finally caught him, he was sitting outside of an old building with the other two.

4 eye's "Did you at least get to see any nip?"

??? "No i didn't get to see any nip"

Any nip?

They all turned their attention towards you.

You alright? I saw you getting chased by a bunch of girls with bamboo sticks earlier.

??? "Oh yeah, I'm alright. Just a couple bruises is all."

Still, why in the hell were they chasing you in the first place?

Baldy "Well, i found something interesting."

??? "He found a peep hole in one of the girls changing rooms and they took off while i got caught and hit with a bunch of bamboo sticks."

Did you peek?

??? "No."

Cool, so it's not you i need to give this warning to.

You grabbed baldy and 4 eye's and slammed their heads together. 

Don't peek you pervs. 

You felt someone looking at you and you looked at the window from the old building. You saw long red hair waving in the wind, a girl looking up at you from the window. You two made eye contact and the others looked to where you were looking out of curiosity. Not 2 seconds later she retreated into the security of the room, away from the window.

Baldy "Did you guys see that hottie? Her honey has got to be sweet."


4 eye's "her name is Rias Gremory, 36,24,36. Word around the school is that she's from northern Europe. "

Wait, did you just list off her measurements?

4 eye's "Yeah, why?"

You held out your hand to him.

I can't even get mad at you for that one, it's disgusting but also impressive.

You took your hand and you pulled him up and shook his hand.

Names Y/n L/n, I'm a second year and i just moved here recently.

Rias POV

I sat down as i heard all of the boys introducing themselves to him.

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