Chapter 23

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Aida POV

I wake up still smiling. Last night was.... perfect.
I trace my hand softly against my top lip. I can still feel the buzz from Argents kiss. Oh my. It was like nothing I have ever felt.

When we got back to my room last night, every fibre of my being wanted him to come in and continue what we had started in the restaurant but being the gentleman he is, he simply kissed me goodnight and went to his room.

Well, a little more than simply. I wouldn't let him get away with just a normal goodnight peck. Kissing Argent is like magic. Time stops. I don't hear anything but the humming of the blood pulsing through my body. Our bodies. It's like we become one complete unit. It's like a drug. And I would know because over the years I have had so many.

Every worry, every concern I had, disappears into the abyss when I am kissing him. This mate thing is unbelievable. And I sort of get it a bit more now. Kissing anyone else does not compare in any way to being with him. I wonder what everything else will feel like.

A blush forms over my face just thinking about it. Geez what is happening to me? I'm never usually like this! But this boy is something else.

I roll over to stay day dreaming in bed a little longer but I am interrupted by a sudden and sharp pain in my head.


A voice screams in my head. What is that? Who is that?

Again it sounds, more desperate now.

"Aida please......!"

I sit upright and hold my head. Can everyone hear this or just me?

The frantic knock at the door answers that question.

"Aida open the door. Please, It's just me. I need you to come downstairs. It's Amalie. She is screaming over the link for you, something is wrong. We need you."

Argent Sounds worried.

I look at the bedside clock, it's only 7am. I jump up and throw on some leggings and a bra and tshirt. I find my flip flops by the end of the bed and run to open the door.

Argent stands there looking more upset and concerned than I have ever seen him.

He grabs my hand and we run down the hallway towards the stairs. We take them two at a time on the way down and keep the pace when we reach the bottom. We are joined in our run at the base of the stairs by James and Argos.

We burst into the medical centre all at the same time.
Marcus and a tall, slim blonde woman in a lab coat are standing by Amalie's bed. Dr Emerson I assume.
Amalie is thrashing around wildly and the restraints on her arms and legs look as though they may snap at any time.

A voice screams over the link again. But this time, I am the only one who stops and listens. Can they not hear ?

"Aida, if you do not do as I say, I will come for you all. Soon. You will know what to do."

A loud hiss follows this new voice. It sends a chill down my spine. I stay frozen, holding my hands on my ears. Amalie has stopped moving and opens her eyes, she turns her tear stained face towards me.

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