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Chapter Three

Title from Running From Lions by All Time Low

We all piled into the therapy room, it was uncomfortable but the fact that Vic and Jonny wanted to sit with me made it a little better.

First day and I already have two friends and one enemy.

Jack sat next to Dr.Grace which meant he was almost directly across from the in the huge circle of bodies, he lost another three points for not eating popcorn when it was served, I lost points too. I didn't know that we had to eat the popcorn, I hate popcorn though, I hate how it gets stuck in your teeth but I guess next time it's served I'll have to eat it. Right now it was educational therapy and I was very interested In how this would work.

Dr.Grace started by introducing today's subject "today's subject is depression and ways of coping with depression" she announced. Vic sighed enough to where I could hear him, Jack lit up a bit more and Dr.Grace glanced over at him "raise your hand if you are a victim of depression" she asked the group. Vic and Jonny were the only people I knew who raised their hand, I didn't raise my hand until Vic looked at me "don't be shy, if you have it she knows and she'll take points off your grade" he whispered. I glanced at the number of hands raised, there was about fifteen out of thirty, I timidly raised my hand and glanced up to see Jacks smirk as he kept his down. Dr.Grace nodded and smiled at me as I held mine up "okay, would anyone like to share how they cope with it?" She asked calmly, a few hands shot up and she nodded towards a guy who was probably a year or two younger than me

"I draw" he said simply. After he spoke two more people shot their hands up "Jason" she called on a tall guy with long facial hair for our age

"I write" he said casually, she nodded politely and nodded towards a guy in a bright orange shirt

"I talk to my mom" he said smiling, she smiled widely at him.

Jack was looking at the ground.

"Those are all very good ways of coping with depression" Dr.Grace said lightly, she turned her attention back to me "coping with depression doesn't have to be harmful, you can cope in many different ways..Alex do you have any thoughts on coping in non harmful ways?" She emphasized on 'non harmful' making me uncomfortable.

Jack was smirking at me ""

I was nervous but she nodded happily at me "listening to music or playing music can be very helpful, you can distract yourself easily" she seemed happy with my answer. I sighed in a bit of relief as she began asking other people about coping strategies.


"Yeah, I got a peak down the girls hall" Jonny said, lifting his eyebrow at Vic, Vic giggled and waved his hand in front of him.

"how was that?" Vic winked at Jonny, Jonny shrugged

"a schizophrenic girl was beating on the wall, nurses were trying to carry her away" he said in a more serious tone.

"you remember when Jude used to do that? Maaaan I could never sleep" Vic added. Jonny nodded and smiled, his smile faded when he looked somewhere behind me, I turned and noticed Jack sitting on the couch no one sits on. Vic began tapping his fingers on the table "Jonny don't stare" he whispered, pulling Jonnys attention away from Jack

"what's wrong with Jack?" I said in a whisper.

Vic looked at me and shrugged "he never said it in group, only the doctors know" Vic said. Suddenly Jack became more of a mystery, why is he here?

"Maybe he's homicidal" Jonny said with a laugh.

Vic shot him a look "he doesn't act like any of the homicidal guys here, I saw him a few times at school before I was checked in, the only thing I noticed about him is that he's gay..he really got around too"

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