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Maddie p.o.v
Jack has been bullying me this is what happened at school yesterday.

Jack-Hey dork
Jack-There is a big in my food look

Before maddie could even look up she gas food all iver her face and clothes.

Maddie-What the fuck Jack why I did nothing to you
Jack-Because I fucking hate your guts
Maddie-But when you kissed me you didn't

End of flashback

Jack p.o.v
Gabbie is going to Florida today and I'm so happy.

Gabbie-Hey Jack you now what
Gabbie-I'm happy I can get away from you I never liled you I just used you for fame and now I got it.
Maddie-I knew it....I mean I wasnt listening
Jack-I have to go
Maddie-Jack wait
Gabbie-He isn't coming back
Maddie-You hurt him. He did nothing to you. He was nice to you. And you just used him for fame. I know I shouldn't say this but I he bullied me and I like him and you just saw him and liked him. You dumb oh gold digger. You just want money and all I want is for you to die.

Maddie p.o.v
I was about to punch Gabbie when Zach pulled me back.

Maddie-put me down
Zach-What was that about
Maddie-He just used Jack for fame.
Zach-You really like Jack don't you
Maddie-Yah.....but dont tell him.

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