Reiko's POV

*Sniff* *Sniff* 




"Why is our house on fire? *sniff*"-Me

"Look! there's a survivor in this house!"-Guy 1

Then they came closer from where i am

"Don't Worry,It'll be fine,we came here to save you"-Guy 2

"B-But how bout them,We'll take care of them,this guy will just take you out of this house then the rest of us will save your family" The guy explained





"Airi wake up...."-Akihiro


"It was just a dream after all"-Me

"Anyway,why are you cryin' at the middle of your sleep"-Akihiro

"Just dreamt about it again..."-Me

"Ahh..I'm sorry for asking..."-Akihiro

"Don't be...It's not your fault"-Me

"Since it's Saturday..Wanna hang out?"-Akihiro

"Uhhmm? Hang out for what?"-Me

"Hang out for fun,and also for you to forget about those problems that you've encounter ^_^"-Akihiro

"Nii-chan,you know that i can never forget that..."-Me

"No I mean,Just to have some entertainment"-Akihiro

"Don't wanna......I think i'll just sleep all day....and all night" i said as i cover my face with pillow

"I won't let that happen...If you don't get up there in ten seconds,i won't buy you a pocky....10"-Akihiro

After he said that i automatically get up in my bed and said

"Nii-chan,I will come along,but please *Teary eyes*"-Me

"*giggle* course,hurry up and take a bath :)"-Akihiro



"That was fast,so shall we go?"-Akihiro

"Sure ^_^"-Me

(At the cafe)

"Here's the menu"-Waitress

"Thank you.........Hmmm,Reiko.What do you want to eat?"-Akihiro

"Now you ask I want this and this and this"-Me

"That's so many"-Akihiro

"Yes.I know.It's your treat anyway"-Me

"But are yous sure you can finish all this food that you order"-Akihiro



"Yes sir,May I take your order?"-Waitress

"Yes,Oh,For may sister she want this and this and this and for me just a ice tea"-Akihiro


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