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After dominating the beer pong table for well over 45 minutes with Scott, Chris walked up.

"Ok I'm stealing my girlfriend back." He slid his arm around my waist.

"Alright fine." Scott rolled his eyes. "Thanks for playing Bree." He smiled at me.

"Hi." Chris murmured in my ear as I turned my attention to him.

"Hi. You getting a little jealous that I was playing with your brother?" I teased.

"Maybe." His lips grazed my jaw.

"You should stop." I tilted my head back exposing my neck.

"Why?" His lips traveled down my neck.

"Because." My head snapped back up and I pushed him back some, "We're surrounded by your family members and family friends."

Chris shrugged. "We can leave."

"We are not leaving." I laughed. "Kirsten and Nate are even here yet."

"Come on. I'd rather be alone with you." He licked his lips.

I gave him a look. "Control yourself. Maybe get a cold drink." I laughed.

"Breelan, right?" Chris's older sister Carly walked over forcing my attention from Chris.

I nodded with a grin, "Carly?"

"Yeah, thank you so much for coming! I don't know how you put up with him." She joked smiling at Chris.

"It's difficult."
"Hey!" Chris frowned.

"I saw you taking over the beer pong table with Scotty."

"Yeah, we had to take a little break."

"Because I don't want to share my girlfriend." Chris stuck his tongue out at Carly. Draping his arms around my shoulders he pulled me back against his chest.

"Wow, girlfriend." Carly winked at me. "Well Breelan it was good seeing you. If my brother allows you out of his grasp come find me."

"OK." I laughed. I leaned my head back to look up at Chris. "You are so silly."

"Why? Cause I don't want to share you?"

"I think it's adorable." I reached up and grasped his arm with my hands before lowering my mouth to kiss it softly.

"Bree!" I heard my name called and turned with a smile as Kirsten and Nate made their way over to us.

"Hey! You guys made it." I hugged Kirsten first, followed by Nate.

"Want a beer?" Chris offered.

"Yes please." Nate adjusted his baseball hat.

Nate followed Chris to the beer tubs leaving Kirsten and me.

"How's it going?" She asked slyly.

"It's going good. I just played beer pong with Scott for about an hour."

"Beer pong? Oh come on! We have to play. We are the dream team!"

It's true Kirsten and I are really, really good at beer pong. Better than Scott and I had just proved to be.

"Save that beer." I instructed Nate. "Girls against guys?" I led the way over to the beer pong table.

"Oh you're so going to go down." Chris said confidently.

Nate raised an eyebrow. "Have you seen Bree play?"

Chris nodded with a shrug.

"Kirsten and Bree are freakishly good." Nate warned.

"We can take them."

"Let's go!" I challenged.

An hour later Kirsten and I were killing the boys at the game. Chris kept begging for rematches.

"OK!" I called, "I need a break from beer pong." I waved my hand giving the 'cut it' signal. "I need food." I moaned.

"You guys go sit down. We'll make your plates." Chris offered motioning between him and Nate.

"Thanks." I blew Chris a kiss and looped my arm to Kirsten's as we walked down the slope of the backyard where an empty picnic table was.

"He's really crazy about you." Kirsten observed.

"You think so?" I could feel the blush creep up over my cheeks.

"Girl! He's practically tripping all over himself over you."

I looked over at Chris through the back door to the house where he and Nate were making our food plates.

"I really like him a lot." I admitted. "I was scared to really say it out loud. But he's not at all like a super famous actor. He's the sweetest, most down to earth guy I've ever met. And oh my sweet Lord can he kiss."

Kirsten laughed. "You're so twitterpated." She nudged me playfully.

My smile grew wider as Nate and Chris started walking back towards us and Chris winked at me.

"I'm definitely something." I sighed happily.

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