Merry christmas Togami....

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The sound of Christmas music filled the room as you and Togami started to decorate the tree. "Why can't we have a maid so this..." Togami whined.

"Because it's fun! Come on Togami, enjoy it!" You giggled. After awhile he started to actually enjoy putting ornaments on the tree seeing how happy it made you....but that happiness was short lived as a bird chirped.

"What was that...?" You looked over at Togami. "It sounds like a bird..." a small brown bird emerged from the tree like a bat out of hell and flapped around the room frantically trying to escape.

"TOGAMI! YOU BOUGHT A TREE WITH A BIRD IN IT?!" You ducked and hid behind the couch.

"WELL I DIDNT KNOW IT WAS IN THERE!" You didn't see exactly how it happened but you heard a screech and looked up to see a white stain on the shoulder of Togami's jacket. The bird had pooped on him.

After a lot of screaming and cursing Togami had shooed the bird out of the house and you had gotten out of your hiding place.

"Togami what are you doing?" The heir was dragging the Christmas tree out the door.

This was going to be the start of an interesting Christmas...

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