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Hey guys

As I haven't really been going by any plan for when I update, I decided to make one.

I will update here at least once every weekend, during term time (as my exams come closer, I may not update as much), and try to update at least three times a week during the holidays.

I will try to update over on the Bachelor AU book on the same schedule, but as more inspiration is needed to write the chapters, there may be a longer wait, but I will try to make each chapter really good.

Thank you also to everyone who stayed during my short hiatus over the past few months. I really appreciate it.

Another thank you to all the new readers, and every one of you leaving comments and voting. It is so nice to see that you are liking my writing. :)

Also, enjoy this picture of the One And Only Stiles 'Sarcasm Is My Only Defence' Stilinski.

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