Chapter 4

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The next morning Liam awoke to a blinding light. He slowly got up and took in his surroundings. He looked at his right arm and remembered the fight from the previous evening. He grabbed the book and looked at the map. He saw Nikki still at her home. Relieved he closed the book shut and went to his room to change. He took gauntlet off and stared at it for a minute. He couldn't believe that something so plain could hold so much power. He just tossed it off to the side onto his futon and quickly changed. Again, the last words from his mother were racing through his mind. "Find the other Goddesses; they will help you with whatever you may need." He had no idea who he had to find but he was sure he would find his answer in the rest of the stuff his mother tried to hide from him. After putting on his socks and shoes, he headed out to try to meet up with his friend before she left for school.

Not bothering to grab his books or school bag, he headed out the door and headed down an alley that connected their streets. He used this alley every time he would want to hang with her. It was just barely wide enough for a small car to get through. It was also surprisingly clean. Usually, he would have to dodge trash cans and dumpsters but since he was visiting during a school day and trash pickup was on the weekend, he could see straight to the next block. This made it that much easier to catch Nikki before she normally leaves. He got to the end and made a right turn and her house was the second from the end. Every house in that area was pretty much the same. With the same floor layout and the same number of floors, he would sometimes feel like he was in a dull old town. Only the interior and exterior designs gave a small sense of diversity. Just as Liam got to her front steps, Nikki was already closing and locking her door.

"What are you doing here?" She was shocked to see him there so early. She was also the one that would usually meet up with him. "Why aren't you wearing your school uniform?" She eyed him up and down to make sure she wasn't seeing things. "Also we need to talk about what happened to you last night"

"There is no time for that right now" Liam stopped her before she could finish. He grabbed her hand and began to lead her down and back through the alley. "We will be skipping school today. There are more important matters to attend to". Nikki was quiet as she dragged all the way back into Liam's place. He pulled her through the door and back into the den. "We have to look for anything with an address in these boxes." Nikki didn't have time to say anything as Liam had quickly made his way back upstairs and back up into the attic. He pulled a few more boxes down and sat them in the den with the others. Most of the stuff looked like normal junk to the both of them but Liam was not taking any chances. He had questions and he was determined to get them answered one way or another.

"So what exactly happened last night? I mean I am sorry I left you but something didn't feel right." Nikki was rummaging through her specified box but wasn't paying much attention. Liam had just ignored her and continued looking.

"Ah ha," Liam held up a small address book. Nikki immediately stopped what she was doing to look at what Liam had found. She saw an ordinary black address book. To her, it didn't seem special compared to the other book they found yesterday. She thought that they would have found something more extravagant. Either way, she watched as Liam opened the book and flipped through its pages. All were blank except one. Just a few pages from the back, the name of a shop was scribbled 'Felicity's Antiques'. He didn't see an address but he knew how to find out where it was located. He shot up and ran to the kitchen to grab a phone book. He brought it back in the den with him and slammed it onto the table in front of the couch. He flipped it open and began flipping through. "A, D, E, F, OK, now to find the name, Felicity." Nikki just sat there and watched as Liam searched in earnest. "Fan, Fe. Here we go, Felicity's Antiques. 2245 Greenspring Lane." They both looked at each other and knew just how far it was.

"Since it's on the other side of the city and nearly half the day has passed, why don't we head out early tomorrow?" Nikki got up and instinctively brushed off her legs. "Besides, tomorrow is Saturday and we don't have school tomorrow." Liam just smiled and nodded his approval. "Now if there is nothing left to do, I would like to go home and try to explain why I was absent to my parents." With that, she walked out the door. Liam didn't really bother to clean up the mess right away. He headed straight upstairs to take a quick shower. He forgot to take one earlier that morning as he had so much on his mind. He still felt that way but not as much. In his room, he tore off all of his clothes, grabbed the towel that hung off the back of his door and quickly wrapped up. Before heading to the bathroom, he picked up the gauntlet and took another hard look at it. He shook his head back and forth to try to take in all of the reality. "So my mother is a Goddess, she is powerful, and there is another world out there that most are unaware of?" He tossed it back on the futon and headed out to the bathroom.

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