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I walked down a familiar pathway, looking at all the scenery that had surprisingly not changed over the years. I was still a bit away from my destination, but still recognized everything. A head of vibrant blonde hair became visible in a few meters away from me down the dirt path. It also seemed very familiar to me. Not to mention the bright orange suit that went along with the blonde hair. I had stepped into his hearing range making him suddenly do a 180 turn, sliding a kunai from the sleeve of his jacket. We made eye contact and he stared at me for a few seconds, 7 to be precise, before he ran with chakra infused steps in my direction. I readied myself for the impact and when he finally reached me, I caught him.

"Hitori!" was the first thing he sobbed out through his tears as they seeped into my shirt. I thought that he would have changed over the years, but I suppose I was wrong. Not that it's a bad thing. I rubbed his back as Jiraya walked up to us. He let out breathes, climbing off me. "I'm so happy to-"

I put a hand up, wincing slightly. He raised a brow at me and I spoke. "Naruto. Your kunai is stuck in my arm." I showed him my arm and his eyes widened, seeing that he really did lodge a kunai into my arm when he jumped on me. Jiraya let out a laugh, tears coming out of his eyes as Naruto started freaking out.

"Don't just laugh at me! Help!" Naruto yelled, pointing at Jiraya and then flailing his arms around in panic. The old man just continued in his laughing. Naruto looked back at me and grabbed at the kunai handle. I moved out of the way so he couldn't touch it. He isn't exactly the best candidate for medical attention. He watched me as I pulled it out, blood dripping down my elbow and to my gloved hand from the wound. "I'm so sorryyyyy!" He shouted, looking in his pouch for bandages.

I used medical jutsu and stopped the bleeding, "I'm fine Naruto, just calm down," I said, smiling at him. He smiled back and sighed, putting his hands on my shoulders as soon as I was done.

"I really did miss you. It's been so long." He began crying again and I wiped away his tears.

"I'm happy to see you too, but if you walk into the village with your eyes red, it wouldn't look good, right?" I asked, raising a brow. He blushed slightly and nodded while wiping his face on his jacket sleeves before looking back up and grinning, turning back in the direction of the village.

"Back to the village we go! Everyone will be so excited to see us!" He exclaimed, beginning to march towards the village with my hand in his. He dragged me down the path while I looked back at Jiraya. He wiped a tear away from all his laughing and began walking after us.

The Leaf Village came into our view and I looked at the familiar gate. We walked by the gatekeepers, and they stared at us as we walked. I could never remember their names. I stopped zoning out when Naruto let go of my hand. He told me he would be back in a second before he climbed a.. some kind of pillar. I'm not sure what it's use is, but I guess it was here for.. yea I do not know. As I was looking at naruto climb the pillar, Jiraya placed his hand on my shoulder and smiled at me. "He seems excited, eh?" I nodded.

"This takes me back! The village hasn't changed at all!" The blonde shouted, looking over the village. I could agree with that. It really hadn't changed much. Naruto spread his arms and grinned. "Everyone! Naruto Uzumaki's back!" He paused and looked downward, making eye contact with me. "Oh and, Hitori too! Can't forget that!" He smiled at me and jumped down. His hands rested on his hips as he faces the faces carved out of the mountain. "It's all so noglastic. Mhm!" He gazed at the mountain and I walked next to him. "Oh look, they added Grandma Tsunade's Mountainside image!"

Footsteps headed our way but Naruto didn't look their way. He continued to look at the mountainside while I looked at the people who were not too far from us. "For real?" Sakura mumbled. Konohamaru gave a toothy smile behind her, one of his teeth still chipped.

"For real!" He said, running up to me. I kneeled down to him as Sakura called to Naruto, walking to us. "It's been so long! Did you just get back?" Konohamaru asked, looking at me with curious eyes.

I nodded in response. "Yes. I joined Naruto on the way back to the village." I was tapped on the shoulder. I looked up, making eye contact with Sakura. "Hm?"

She twirled some of her hair in one finger and her cheeks tinted pink. "Do you think I became more womanly? Naruto doesn't think so." She said, glaring at Naruto at the last bit. He flinched and smiled awkwardly, sweat falling down his forehead. She doesn't seem like she changed personality-wise. I stood up.

"I suppose you did. You grew taller and your face matured." I said, stating the truth. She giggled and crossed her arms, facing naruto and releasing a 'hmph'.

"Brother Naruto!" Konohamaru rushed past me as he called Naruto's attention to him. "Sexy Jutsu!" Smoke appeared around Konohamaru and he took the appearance of a young woman. I wouldn't have much of a problem with the jutsu if she had clothes on. Sakura was obviously annoyed with it. He stopped the jutsu and smirked. "How was that?! Pretty nice waist, hips, and bust, huh?!"

Naruto chuckles slightly, throwing Konohamaru off. "Konohamaru, I'm not a kid anymore. And you too, you shouldn't be using a jutsu like that." Maybe Naruto really did change. No, that can't be it. I crossed my arms and waited for him to continue. "That's such a boring jutsu! Check out my new, freshly developed New Percy Jutsu!" He yelled putting a fist up. He put his hands together to make a sign. "Here, look!" Before he could finish, Sakura's fist collided with his face, making him fly into the ground.

"You haven't changed at all have you, jerk?! We haven't seen each other in two years and you make me do this in two minutes!" She screamed at him, holding him up by his collar. I laughed slightly, unintentionally making her look at me and drop Naruto on the floor. He looked at me and slowly have me a thumbs up, as if I had done it on purpose. I shook my head and picked him up, putting him over my shoulder. He groaned while Konohamaru snickered at him.

"Hey," Jiraya called, "we have to report our return to Tsunade, let's get going."

I nodded and walked towards the red building that I had remembered being to multiple fines. Jiraya walked after me, Sakura walking next to me, while the kids trailed after us. Sakura had commented on my appearance, blushing slightly. I answered her questions on small things until we made it to the hokage's office. Naruto stumbled off my back, completely recovered. I decided to not ask how that was possible, considering he was punched so hard his whole upper body hand dig into the ground.

"It's been a long time, you three." Tsunade said, like others said today. She looked exactly the same as when I left, most likely because of the jutsu to make her appear younger. "I'm sure your training produced good results, right?"

"Do you think we'd come back without making any progress?" Jiraya questioned. He paused and looked at me as he smiled, "well I can't speak for Hitori."

"It went perfectly! And I'm sure Hitori has gotten stronger too!" Naruto said, cutting into the conversation. He glared slightly at Jiraya, the sage only laughing lightly in amusement.

I smiled and nodded, "Yes, I have also made progress."

Tsunade nodded to me and then looked toward Naruto. "Then show me your results immediately."

"Show you..?" Naruto asked.

"Yes. You will take on a particular man. I didn't send him on any missions for the past few days and had him on standby for this very purpose." She continued, "and your opponent will be.." she stopped, hearing the door being knocked on. She told them to enter and Naruto and I turned around to see who it was.

Aannnddd the first chapter has been made. I typed all this up in a few minutes so don't expect high quality work. It's late where I am and I'm tired, haha. I guess now I'm that old guy that writes gay fanfiction for kids because they were pressuring me. Hmm.. I guess I'm alright with that. But riddle me this, if being 18 make me an old man, what is a 40 year old?

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