Chapter 22

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He was close. He was watching us. He had taken the bait; hook, line and sinker. He had ended up being smarter than I had given him credit for but I hadn't realized it until it was too late that night. Thinking back, I should have been more careful; I should have stayed closer to the brothers or Sebastian. Now it was too late. If I had known what it would lead to, I would never have made such a costly mistake. Hindsight was a bitch.

It was the second night at 'The Den' and I was out on the dance floor again with Lucas. Sebastian was hanging back more tonight, giving Lucas more space with me. The trap was set and I was about to set the hook. We had spent a fair amount of time dancing and playing pool against the brothers and it was time to up the stakes. I pulled up close to Lucas' ear and whispered, "Your brother needs some more motivation I guess. Take me to the back and let's give it to him." He pulled back, his eyes igniting. He brought me to the back looking for an open booth but none were open.

I shrugged and nodded toward the stairwell to the side of the booths that led up to the exit. It would more than do. Lucas pulled me in and pressed me up against the wall there, kissing and petting me. I responded to him for a while and then I pulled his neck to me and sank my fangs there, slowly drawing out his pleasure. Wolves were interesting feedings; it was like tasting something wild. They each had their own flavor but it was like comparing different kinds of wild game; deer versus elk versus bear. Lucas wasn't a terrible flavor but I much preferred Sebastian over him; but no wolf could ever come close to the brothers; they were top shelf.

Lucas was leaning over me, panting and moaning through the feeding that I was taking, when his brother swooped down on us from farther up the stairwell. Lucas hadn't been hard to deal with, being so overwhelmed with pleasure at that exact moment. A thick tree branch to the back of the head and he had dropped instantly. I had snarled at the man, coming at him to attack him, when a single needled came between me and victory. I remember looking over at the syringe the wolf had just stuck into me, confused, seconds before the drug hit my system and my vision began to swirl. He had wasted no time in throwing me over his shoulder and disappearing with me.

Ugg. My head was throbbing. My whole being was weak, so weak. It felt like I was dying slowly. What was happening to me? Where was I? I let out a groan and moved, feeling dirt underneath my side. I then realized that I was bound, which confused me. The memory of my evening with Lucas hit me and I groaned again. My brain felt foggy; I couldn't access my power at all. My body was so weak that the bindings on my hands and feet actually held me as I struggled against them. Why was I here? The memory of the rogue slipped into my mind. He had taken me; carried me off into the night before any of the others had even realized I was gone. He was going to kill me.

I struggled to sit up and look around me but the drugs in my system kept pulling me under mentally. It was like I was fading in and out of consciousness. The little glimpses around had me thinking of some sort of shack out in the woods. I lay there for an indescribable amount of time and at last I felt the drugs starting to fade. It was like my mind clicked back on at that moment and suddenly Viktor's apparition was with me, there. He was fuzzy, fading in and out with my flashes of power flaring and fading. He looked like he was feeling the same way, drugged, for some reason. "Sasha." I looked at him with heavy lids for a second and then he faded away from me. His link on my mind had just run out.

"Ahhh, you're awake," the wolf said to me, coming into where ever it was that he had me. Fear gripped me. A fear like I hadn't experienced in a long time; the fear of death. Even Viktor had never brought about this particular chilling grip on my heart. Viktor was worse than death in many ways but I had always known he would never kill me. "Come on, baby, you'd better feed or the poison will actually do you in." I realized that he had picked me up and was holding me to his chest with my face right next to his neck. I felt small being held by this large powerful wolf. And then I realized he was trying to get me to take blood from him.

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