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"I'm sorry, I can't

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"I'm sorry, I can't." I exasperatedly repeated holding my gaze towards the dark oak floor planks as my eyes mindlessly took interest in ever detail, every scuff and scratch etched across engraved into them; holding my pulsating head in my trembling hands in the hopes of temporary relief.

"Well, we're not leaving this flat until you tell us what's wrong. And you won't get your damn iPod back either..." Tony replied trying to lighten the looming mood as a momentary smile cracked across my lips.

"You don't understand." I added lifting my heavy, puffy eyes to meet Tony's features washed with worry and and a sense of understanding.

"Okay, well let's just get your stuff and go. Sound fair?" He answered realizing the fragile subject, letting his tensed facial structure briefly relax.

"Okay." I weakly smiled swallowing the knot constricting my speech, continuing to collect a small box of belongings while taking in one last glimpse of my quaint flat. In the midst of nostalgia, bittersweet memories pulsated in and out of focus as I suddenly I felt a burden of disappointment weigh atop my shoulders like bricks.

"Hey, it's gonna be ok." Bucky smiled as the deep green door shut behind me, the clicking of the deadbolts ringing painfully in my ears; unfortunately, I couldn't seem to muster up a reply, instead, I solemnly walked in silence back to the car. However, I couldn't help but notice how much Bucky, Steve, Tony, and Thor genuinely cared for my safety, it was hard to miss considering that they were basically glued to my side; worry practically radiating from their bodies.

This was nice.

As expected, the trip back wasn't as pleasant as the trip to, silence heavily lingered and no one said a single word; Tony didn't even crack a wildly inappropriate joke. Everything was painfully silent and the only sound counteracting the void of conversation, was the dull ringing pulsating in my ears. Which was odd considering the group of individuals.

"Successful trip?" Natasha kindly smiled as you re-entered HQ. "You ok, Kate?" She added intently observing my blank expression, after Steve opened and closed his mouth a few times I grabbed my small box and fled the room dripping with excruciating silence.

"This can't be happening, this isn't possible." I repeated in a hushed fine, anxiously pacing waiting for the showers water to become nearly scolding. "It was him." I sharply exhaled attempting to grip the dripping tile for relief, dropping my seeping head of chestnut hair between my shoulder blades while the droplets of scolding water rolled down my spine; the words escaping my lips feeling like daggers mercilessly stabbing my gut.

"Did she explain?" Natasha asked once more confused, cocking her brow towards the group of men in the hopes of an explanation.

"No." Bucky disappointingly sighed letting the inescapable feeling of guilt whisper lies into the back of his thoughts.

"We know absolutely nothing..." Tony added feeling just as disappointed, the words rolling of his own tongue sending him back into a state of worry.

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