Nothing Without You (Jaemin)

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Jaemin rubbed his sweaty palms together.  Years ago, he never would have imagined himself standing at the center of the world's best gaming arena.  He swallowed hard, feeling the adrenaline rushing through his veins.  You stood at the other end of the arena, your fiery eyes flashing with confidence.  There were two computers at a table, resting back-to-back, each holding an alternate universe inside.  Strangely enough, you weren't intimidated.  You mounted your battle station and cracked your knuckles.  Jaemin looked over at you, feeling more nervous than before.

Jaemin prepared his setup, making sure everything was to his liking.  He couldn't afford to lose.  A large clock appeared on the big screen on the arena's ceiling.  The countdown had begun.

"FIVE...FOUR...THREE...TWO...ONE!" the crowd roared.

The Minecraft logo glowed on the big screen.  You flashed your opponent one last smile before delving into the game.  The objective was to create a structure with some meaning behind it.  The best structure with the best story would take home the prize of 500,000 won.  Jaemin envisioned a castle complete with bannisters that would make the Buckingham Palace look weak.  The thoughts of what he could do with 500,000 won filled his mind.  The first thing he wanted to do once he won was to build a new gaming station.  Meanwhile, you constructed a quaint village with an arboretum that boasted exotic flora and fauna.  You were in the process of building a lookout tower when you realized you had a structure but no story.  Jaemin seemed to realize the same thing at that exact moment.  He looked up from his computer, the light from the screen illuminating his features.  

"Let's work together," you said firmly, and Jaemin felt himself being absorbed by the wild spark in your eyes.  What you suggested was simply crazy, but it just might work.  

The crowd gasped as Jaemin leaped over the table and turned his computer screen around.  The referee watched on in distress, but there was nothing in the rulebook that said anything about working together.  Jaemin studied your designs, and you did the same for his.  

"My castle provides defenses for your village, and your village provides resources and support for my castle.  It'll be like one of those symbiotic relationships you learn about in biology," Jaemin decided.

You smiled.  Two minds were definitely better than one.  You quickly got working on creating more fields for crops  while Jaemin strengthened his castle's infrastructure.  Just for kicks, he created a mote with alligators and a drawbridge.  

"A mote?  Really?" you raised your eyebrows in amusement.

"You want top notch protection or not?" Jaemin smirked.

You finally let your guard down.  The aggressiveness in your expression faded to something more friendly.  You glanced over at Jaemin, watching him while he worked.  He yanked his sweatshirt off, and you got a peek of his abs.  His strong forearms flexed as he reached over to help you.  You felt heat rise to your cheeks as you let him work on your village.  

"Alright, I think it's done," Jaemin said, as the two of you marveled at your creation.  Your hands trembled slightly.  You were nervous that the audience wouldn't approve of your combined design.  The judges would probably take one look and toss your idea out the window.

You felt Jaemin's hand slip into yours, stopping your fingers from shaking.  Once again, your cheeks lit up bright pink.  

"Today, I realized something after competing in this year's Minecraft Games.  'Not everyone can be a great artist.  But a great artist can come from anywhere.'  Y/N and I combined our ideas to make up for what each of our designs lacked.  My castle protects her village, and her village provides for my castle.  Without each other, we would be nothing.  I realized today that without Y/N, I would be nothing."

"Awwwww~" the audience cooed.

You cleared your throat.  "I would be nothing without Na Jaemin."  She gripped his hand and turned so that she was facing him.  "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."

The two of you faced the judges, waiting for a response.

The main judge stood up, and his beady eyes bore into you.  Suddenly, he lifted his hands and started clapping slowly.  The other judges followed until the whole arena erupted in applause.  You exhaled deeply, nearly collapsing in Jaemin's arms.  He supported your frame against him, smiling so wide it hurt.  

The main judge walked down the steps from his judging panel, making his way towards the two of you.  

"Tonight," he began, "you created something that was more than just a structure, more than just a story.  Tonight, you created a bond that will last forever.  You showed the world that anything is possible when you have each other."


A/N: Hey guys!  This imagine was kinda different from the ones I usually write.  Thanks najaemin_mybae for requesting a Jaemin imagine!  I was inspired by the NCT lightstick.  You know... the one that looks like it's from Minecraft.  XDDD

Question of the imagine: Who's ready for NCT's comeback???  Have you guys seen the teasers?  I listened to the regular and irregular versions of the highlight medleys, and I'm so pumped for 127's comeback!!!  

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