chapter 14 the KND

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It was Monday and the time was 8:05 and you were in class listening to the teacher talking about something you didn't really care. As the teacher talk you felt something being thrown at you and it was a ball of paper. you looked at the piece of paper, you opened the piece of paper and it says.

Note: meet us at lunch

You looked you around you threw the note at. you see hoagie give you the thumbs and smiling at you and you smile back.


It was lunch time and got your lunch and saw your friends, you walk towards them and sat down.

Y/n: Hey guys

Abby: hey y/n

Y/n: so why did you guys want to talk to me about?

Kuki: oh! We were wondering if you would join the kids next doo, oww!

Wally: *whisper* we aren't supposed to ask him yet!

Hoagie: what she ment ask is what are you doing after school?

Y/n: uhh nothing why?

Nigel: we just wanted to ask you if do something with us after school

Y/n: sure

Nigel: excellent meet us here at this address

Nigel gives you a pice with a address on it and you put in your pocket.


You were sitting on the school steps waiting for cyborg your friends had to leave early saying that to take care of a few things so it was just you.

?: hello y/n

You jumped out of the steps, you turned around to see those creepy kids you saw yesterday.

Y/n: oh... it just you guys

Dcfdtl: yes it's just us

Y/n: yeah... you never told me you guys are?

Dcfdtl: oh, we're the delightful childern from down lane

Y/n: oookay then

Dcfdtl: we wondering if you would hang with us for a bit

Y/n: sorry guys my friends already ask me do something with them, maybe next time *see the t-car* that's my ride gotta go

Once the t-car pull up to the school, You got in the t car said hi to cyborg and drove off, leaving the delightful childern at the school.

Dcfdtl: oh dear, father will be most disappoint

(In the t-car)

Y/n: hey cy

Cyborg: what's sup

Y/n: you think you can take me here, if you have the chance

You give him the piece of paper that Nigel gave you at school.

Cyborg: friend house?

Y/n: yeah

Cyborg: sure thing


It was 4:00 pm and cyborg was driving you to the address that nigel gave. After about a minute of driving, the t-car went to a neighborhood and you saw the house with the address.
You got of the car and watched him drive you looked back at the house ... what you and cyborg didn't see was a giant tree sticking out of the house.

 what you and cyborg didn't see was a giant tree sticking out of the house

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