Avengers in a Chatroom!

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Sup everyone? So I was reading all these IMing stories on here and I just thought, 'this looks awesome' so I just had to do it ;) Also, try to check out my other Avengers story on my page. I'm going on vacation for 6 days so I'm sorry if you don't like waiting. I'm going to post this one tonight so you have something to live off of when I'm gone :D

Note: I do not own the Avengers or the cover of the book.

~Fairfarren all

[Tony is online]

[Steve is online]

[Bruce is online]

[Clint is online]

[Thor is online]

[LittleMissRedHead is online]

Steve: Tony...what is this?

Tony: It's called a computer! You see, now we have these fancy little things that can-

Steve: I know what a computer is Tony! I am asking what this chat room thing is!

Tony: It's just a thing I made where all the Avengers can talk and whatever.

Bruce: So you invited all the Avengers to do whatever in a chat room?

Tony: Pretty much.

Bruce: Good, cuz I was bored.

Clint: What? Got bored breaking one of my favorite bows in HALF?!

Steve: Oh boy here we go...

Tony: Clint, just let it go.

Thor: I agree with Tony Stark. This is silly childish things.


Tony: Oh yeah. Would you like to share Nat-I mean LittleMissRedHead?

LittleMissRedHead: -_____- I hate you Stark.

Thor: I find your Chat name incredibly funny Natasha Romanov!!

LittleMissRedHead: Grrrrrr...just tell me how to fix it Stark.

Tony: Okay, just go to your settings and press 'change name'. Jeez don't get your cat suit in a bunch...

LittleMissRedHead: WHAT DID YOU SAY?!!"

Tony: Uh nothin! Just go change your name!

[LittleMissRedHead has logged off]

Clint: Hello?! Can we get back to the fact that a stupid green monster in purple shorts broke something VERY important to me?

Bruce: For the love of God Clint! I said I was sorry! Besides, the only reason why you luv that thing soooo much is because Nat gave it to you...



Clint: OH IT'S ON!!!

[Clint has logged off]

[Bruce has logged off]

[Natasha is online]

Natasha: Wat did I miss?

Tony: Oh just Clint and Banner having a cat fight.

Thor: Yes, they are battling in the training room soon.

Natasha: OH MY GOD! I have to go make sure Clint is okay!

[Natahsa has logged off]

Thor: She is smitten with Clint Barton, isn't she?

Tony: Oh totes yeah.

Thor: ...Wanna go see Clint get pulverized?

Tony: I'll bring the popcorn.

Thor: Popcorn is delicious!

[Tony has logged off]

[Thor has logged off]

Sooo what do ya think? Leave comments for ideas on what the Avengers should talk about!

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