Chapter 5

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Kassie's POV

"Please..stop..pleas..." My voice trailed of in pure fear of what he was going to do to me if I continued to beg. I sobbed, I couldn't take this anymore. The whip reached my back once more, and I screamed in agony. "Please" I begged, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. Please." I gasped for breath, between the mixture of the whips and the collar, I was panting for breath. Just like a dog. Harry had tourtured me so much that I had more characteristics of a dog than a human being. "Please stop" I paused and took a deap Breath, or as deap as I could, considering the condition I was in. "Please"

He continued to deal out my 'punishment' and with each lash of the whip came more and more screams. Part of me really regretted not killing myself when I had the chance. It's just like sleeping forever, just let go. It only takes a second. I was tempted to take my inner devil's offer, death seemed like mercy at the time.

I knew I had made him angry by attempting to escape, but he knew I didn't want to be here and he knew It was illegal to kidnap people, or atleast I think he did.

He stopped and then cooed, "And one for good luck." And hit me with it with all his might. I doubled up in pain. Out of all the times he had hit me, this was the worst. By far.

It took a while for me to recover from that one. It hurt like hell. It only takes a second. That's it. A second. I tried to fight back my suicidal thoughts. I didn't sucseed. Only a second. It only takes a second to let go.

Harry knelt down beside me and whispred into my ear whilst twirling my blood soaked hair around his fingers.

After the adrenaline had worn out, came the pure and utter pain. He then knelt down beside me and whispered, "So, Kassie, will you ever try and escape again?" I shook my head obediently, only when I sore the look of victory in Harry's eyes, I then realise what I had just did. I was obeying this monster. I sobbed knowing that I was nothing but a good for nothing brat.

"Now that's a good girl" he petted my head like a dog. I hated it. So so much. But he knew and I knew that he had won this battle. Then he dropped the whip and left.

I wiped a mixture of blood and tears of my cheek. I was a mess. I had no idea what to do with myself, so I curled up into a ball, and slept.

Harry's POV

It was time for the next and final part of her punishment. After assuring myself that Kassie was asleep, I grabbed the injection needle and filled it with a sleeping drug.

I hadn't done this in a long time, i can hardly remeber the last time i had done any of this. I injected the mint green liquid into her arm, I noticed that she flinched before seeing her breaths steady. She was under.

I tied her up with handcuffs and ropes to a oak beam in the living room. I searched the house to my tattoo gun, I hadn't used it in what seemed like forever.

After finding it in my bedside table drawer, I approached the post where Kassie was held. I also made sure to stop by the kitchen and grab a pair of scissors.

I cut off Kassie's shirt, it was thick with sweat, blood and grime, I peeled it of her body, being careful not to take her bra off in the process. Then I grabbed the tattoo gun and inserted some black body ink.

I knew I had hours before Kassie would wake up, so I took my sweet, sweet time. I started to inscribe writing onto Kassie's back. I was being as careful as possible, I wanted Kassie to love it, because I wanted her to love it as much as I loved it.

After I had finished my masterpiece, I stepped back, admiring my work. I had inscribed the words 'My one true love and forever soulmate, Harry' and added a little heart next to it for good measure. That was exactly what I wrote on all the girls. Except Amelia, her message was a bit more heartfelt, I can remember going out and buying the tattoo gun just for her.

I placed the tattoo gun down on the coffee table, it would be a while before Kassie woke up. I decided to go to the store to get some supplies and then chill and watch some netflix. It had been a long day and I deserved to reward myself with some me time.

Kassie woke up hours later, I had accidently used to much of the drug so I wasn't supprised that she took this long to wake up, it did get a bit boring waiting for her though.

At first all I could hear was her shuffling around in her fixed position, she was lucky I only tied her hands to the pole, I can only imagine how much it would hurt to have your legs tied up to.

And then came the pathetic whimpering, she really didn't know how to stay quiet did she? I turned up the sound of my TV in an attempt bo block out her wining.

I had successfully managed to ignore her until she started to cry and whisper loudly enough for me to hear, "Harry, please let me down" I enjoyed hearing her beg, I took pleasure in having a sense of ultimate power over Kassie, and if that ment restraining her every move, so be it.

Hours later I casually strolled into the living room, I had to watch TV in the kitchen because of her constant winging.

"How are you doing Kassie?" Before giving her a chance to answer, I continued, "I have a surprise for you!" I sounded genuinely excited. That's because I was, I prayed Kassie would love it.

I grabbed a small mirror out of my pocket, for some reason I liked to keep one around, and showed her her tattoo. She gasped in horror, she looked mortified. "W-what do-does it say?" She stuttered. I took a deap, slow breath, I was disappointed to see the look on her face which indicated that she despised it.

"It says," I smiled before continuing, "My one true love and forever soul mate, Harry."

"But that's a lie." She whispered.

"Not for long, My sweet Kassandra." I stroaked her hair. "Now," I said sternly, "Go have a shower." I untied her and as soon as she had control of her body she circled her wrists in pain, I could see that her flesh was showing where the rope had rubbed through it, I felt sorry for her, if only she was obedient.

I guided her to the bathroom, and she went inside and locked the door, I shook my head, I knew I had to be patient with Kassie, she was learning. "Uh, Kassie" She unlocked and opened the door, "No locking the door." She looked terrified at me. "Don't worry," I muttered, "Im not a pervert" she nodded and closed the door, I waited to hear the door lock but it didn't come. I knew she would settle in okay.
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