Chapter 6

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I strolled in the corridors looking around for JunMyun because I needed to talk to him about the Prefect's schedule. Where the hell is that guy? Where does he keep disappearing to?

Football season had started and everyone was excited for the first match that our team was supposed to play with a very strong rival: Jung Academy. I don't know much about our team. Neither am I interested in it.

I was turning left from a corridor when I froze. My feet stopped in mid-air, spotting someone's back that I easily recognized. Sehun. He almost didn't look like someone who used to be associated with me. His ripped jeans, black jacket, the tattoo on his wrist and especially the cigarette in his hand made him look like someone from a gang. I stared at him for a few minutes when suddenly the smoke surrounding him reached me and I coughed it out. He instantly turned around. And I put my confident cover back on. 

"That's not allowed. And you know that, Oh Sehun." I commanded.

He smirked and and lowered his hand. I walked closer to him.

"I said, Throw that away. Why are you standing here, anyway?" I said with a steely look, not giving away that seeing him like this pained me.

He ignored me and continued. " I need to talk to you." 

"I wouldn't listen to single a word that you have to say, until you throw that cigarette AWAY!" I raised my voice and nodded my head towards the cigarette. He sighed and put out his cigarette stuffing it in his pocket.

"You already know that its not allowed in the corridors. Why the he-" I was about to go on and on but he interrupted.

"Cut out the lecture. Don't you have anything else to do?" He rolled his eyes and snapped at me.

I froze and said stubbornly: "Fine". He was clearly in a bad mood about something or I know he wouldn't say that to me. But then it's the same guy who called me that. His next words told me the reason.

"Why are you hanging out with those guys? I've seen you chatting with them. Those three idiots who made my teenage like hell! I thought we had bonded over hating them forever!" He shot at me angrily. His eyes were burning with complaint and accusation.

"Who gave you the right to control my life? I asked him in a calm but dangerous voice. This situation painfully reminded me of the time when we both were in opposite places. But now the tables had turned.

"Have you forgotten what they did to me? How much they have tortured me?" He asked me.

"I think you it's you who is forgetting something, Sehun. If I have no control over your life, If my opinion about your friends doesn't matter enough to you, then same goes for me." I sighed loudly and continued. "I asked you a thousand times not to hang out with those guys. Now look what they've made you". I said pointing my head towards the cigarette in his pocket. "I will talk to who ever I want to, disregardful of any history you have with them."

"Oh so, you too, have fallen for him, have you? That Park Chanyeol!" He tauntingly referred him with spite.

"This has nothing to do with you. Now if you don't mind, Please leave the corridor and go back to your common room." I ordered him.

 And before he could say a another word, I walked away. I started breathing heavily. I had visited his father last weekend by myself. He wasn't in a good condition. I wonder how disappointed he would be if he saw Sehun like this.

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