Chapter 1

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Chapter One

This is absolutely ridiculous, I mean this stuff only happens in movies and books. Of course, it would just be my luck that such a big drastic thing that I have spent the last eight years trying to forget rears it's big ugly head the moment I am about to permanently put it in my past.

"Ma'am, please put your phone on aeroplane mode, thank you." The air hostess says in an overly polite tone. I nod, doing as instructed, yet continue tapping the phone against my palm. Yesterday I was living the perfect life. Yesterday I was just Nicole Johnson, twenty-eight-year-old advertising director for PowerJet, a multinational technology company, which developed the software to run their own phones, computers and so forth. Only being developed five years ago, it has become one of the best products on offer, nearly overtaking Apple in their sales.

Plus, on top of that, I was happily living my life with Andrew Alpin. We have been engaged for nearly five months and are in the middle of planning our wedding when I got the phone call. We had literally sat down after both arriving home early and opened a bottle of wine and brought out the wedding magazines, which I have been searching every free moment I've had.

Being an advertising director and engaged to a man like Andrew by the age of twenty six... well, it was the life I had always imagined for myself.

To be fair, I'm not surprised Andrew is annoyed at me and refusing to answer my phone calls. If it was the other way around, I don't think I would be reacting any differently, but still. It was eight years ago and I thought it was all sorted and in the past. Seems I was wrong.

"Nervous flyer?" A middle-aged woman asks from the seat beside me, making me glance over to see her knitting.

"No, I just received some surprising news which I now have to pass on," I answer, trying to calm myself now. Everything was going to be fine. Yesterday I was living my life as happy as can be, today I'm a bundle of nerves, but hopefully, once I talk to Jake tonight, everything will be smooth sailing from there and by Monday evening I will be back in Seattle. Hopefully.

"Oh, bad news?" The woman asks.

"Yes," I answer without having to think. This was definitely bad news, I mean come on, this one little blip of my past has just sent my present into a whirlwind and I can only hope it doesn't affect my future either.

The woman, obviously realising I wasn't in the mood for talking just nods, not speaking again throughout the flight. She spends the time knitting a scarf, while I sit and trying not to stare at my handbag at my feet, where a folder is poking out with a red and blue tag attached, sticking out from the sides of the folder.

The moment my feet hit the tarmac at JFK, I grip my handbag tighter in one hand and my cabin suitcase with the other, walking towards the welcome door, my heels clicking as I go.

Since it is only Friday, I had to come straight from work, not even having a chance to change, resulting in me still in my three quarter length high waisted grey and black checked trousers, black heels and a cream woollen crop jumper, with my makeup simple and my long brown hair in its usual loose waves.

I haul myself a cab, checking the time to see it is only seven in the evening. Maybe I should go straight there, I mean from what I can remember he was a party animal so he likely had plans for his Friday night. Everyone told me to wait to fly out on Sunday or even Monday, but after I got the news yesterday, I had to come today. I had to sort this. I had to see him.

Making a quick decision as I get into the cab, I give over the address I had been given by my lawyer of Jake's address, feeling more nervous the longer I sit here. Thankfully, my phone blares, distracting me for a moment to see it is Sarah.

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