Chapter 1: Clubbing

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Annaleigh's P.O.V.

I put my car in park in front of the club I was meeting Bruno and the guys at. I checked the mirror one last time to make sure my make up was ok, then I got out the car, walking into the club I caught sight of my best friend looking very handsome. "Hey Brunz, you look nice!" He pulled me into a hug and stepped back to look at my outfit. "Could you look any more beautiful?" I blushed and then went to sit with Phil and Kam, they handed me a drink. "No guys, I'm not drinking tonight." I set the glass on the table and looked at Bruno who just downed 3 shots.

"Oh come on Annie, just let loose for once... it wont hurt anybody!" Kam put the drink in my hand. I don't know if this is a good idea, the last time I got drunk at Phil's party I woke up to a new tattoo. "Please for me," Bruno was standing in front of me doing his puppy face. "Ugh fine! But you're paying for my cab!" They all cheered in victory as I downed my drink, and took two shots with Phil.

"You know Bruno... you're my bestest friend in the whoooooole wide world!" I slurred while leaning on his shoulder. As you can tell I'm a little bit inebriated the heels were off and my pretty updo I spent 30 minutes on was now in messy waves down my back. Bruno was right along with me his hair was in messy curls and his shirt was halfway unbuttoned with beads of sweat going down his chest. Damn was he sexy... wait! Earth to Anna, HE'S YOUR BESTIE! OFF LIMITS!

I was interrupted from my thoughts when I felt Bruno pulling me out of the club and into a cab. My head was spinning the whole ride. "You know Anna, you are a really cool girl... I love you soooo much," The words poured out of his mouth. I blushed and pushed him a bit, then we pulled up to his house. "Uh bruno, i have to go home." "Its cool Ryan isnt here and I wanna spend time with you I havent seen you in a while. Pwease Anna?" He gave me the face again and I gave in, he paid the driver and we stumbled into his house.

I havent been there since about a year ago. I followed him into the kitchen and he pulled out two shot glasses and some Patron. "Dude I can't drink anymore I'm too drunk." "Come on just two more shots and were done I swear." I hiccuped and nodded, he poured the two shots and we downed the first and then another. The room was spinning and I couldnt help but laugh at I dont know what. Bruno came closer to me and put his arms around my waist. My heart pounded against my chest as his hands slid down my thighs, and his other cupped my boob. My eyes closed as his hand found its way inside my panties, he made circles on my clit and sucked my neck.

I couldnt control myself maybe it was the liqour in my system and years of pent up lust, but I turned toward him and my lips crashed onto his and my fingers ran through his curls. He picked me up and sat me on the counter, my legs wrapped around his waist as we made out passionately. Suddenly I felt him pick me up again and we walked down the hall to his bedroom, he laid me down and took his shirt and pants off. I took in his strong chest and big muscular arms, he flipped me over and unzipped my dress and pulled it off, revealing my red lacy thong and red bra.

He slapped my ass and pulled off my thong, then unhooked my bra. I turned over and saw the lust in his eyes as he stared at my naked body. He kissed me down my tummy to my thighs, he pulled them open and his tounge found my pearl making me gasp in pleasure. He ate me fiercly, "Oh god Bruno, please I cant take it anymore." "Patience is a virture baby," he licked his way up to my neck and I felt him pull his boxers off. Then he entered me making me moan in pleasure, he kept a steady pace.

"Damn Anna your so fuckin tight," he moaned in my ear. I could feel him throbbing inside of me, making me want to climax already, instead I pushed him off onto his back and started riding him quickly just the way I like. It was driving him crazy, he couldnt stop moaning and neither could I. "Fuck Bruno I'm gunna cum baby, I'm gunna cum!" "Ah me too baby!" He pulled me close to his chest and I felt him release inside of me. I rolled off and laid next to him... soon after I heard him snoring. Then it hit me...


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