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I immediately went inside my room and ran to sit in front of my desk where my laptop was. When I was asked to enter a keyword to start searching, I couldn't think of any. I don't know where to start but as I closed my eyes to try and remember his face, I started to type random words like "Korean actor" and "Korean idol". I went to look at the images but none of them resembled to the guy I met awhile ago.

I drummed my fingers on my desk as I try to think of something else. I typed "Famous celebrities in Korea". I clicked on the images tab and started scrolling down hoping I would find a familiar face. I was doing the same thing for a few minutes when Aunt Sunny called me for dinner.

Aunt Sunny prepared a delicious dinner. My heart fluttered when I saw Samgyeopsal on the table because it was one of my favorite dishes. My cousin Ji Hye was already on the table with her plate full but her eyes were glued to her phone. My uncle usually went home late so he wouldn't be able to eat dinner with us tonight.

I sat and ate with them on the dining table but my mind started to wander somewhere else. I tried to close my eyes making sure I still remembered his face.

"Are you okay Hae Won?" My aunt's voice startled me.

"Uh yes Auntie. Sorry, the food was so delicious, I needed to close my eyes for a moment. " I answered jokingly.

She laughed at my remark. "You really like to eat just like your mom."

She was right, my mom and I like to eat very much. Since I was young, I never said no to any food. Well, minus the extremely exotic ones of course.

After a few minutes of munching and chewing, my cousin, who was seated next to me, shrieked. I almost choked that I had to immediately grab the glass of water in front of me.

My aunt and I looked at her in surprise. She was holding her phone and seemed like she read or saw something that made her react that way.

"What's wrong Ji Hye?" I asked her when I was able to finally swallow my food.

"It's number one! He's number one!" She answered me causing me to be more confused.


"Eonnie, it's my favorite singer! He topped the charts!" She sounded so happy. "Oh my gosh, this is so amazing. I have to tell my friends." She added as she started to type like crazy.

I just looked at her not really knowing how to react exactly then to my aunt who was still eating and didn't really seem to care about her teenager's sudden outbreak.

"You'll get used to her Hae Won." Auntie told me.
I nodded in response.

"You should listen to his songs Eonnie, he has the most beautiful voice, I swear. And he's also very handsome."

"What's his name?" I asked out of curiousity as I grabbed my phone, ready to search for her favorite singer.

""By-" She stopped halfway before she started yelling. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! He's on TV! Mom, please let me watch his performance. I promise I'll do my homework right after." She begged breathlessly.

I looked at my aunt's reaction and for a moment there she seemed to disagree with her.

"Please. Please. Please Mom." Ji hye begged once more. "I swear, I will study very hard after the show."

"Okay but-" My aunt was not even finished talking yet when Ji Hye sprinted out of the dining room to the living room.

I laughed at them because Ji Hye moved really fast. In fact, the house wasn't that big so, in just a matter of seconds, Ji Hye was already in front of the TV.

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