Everything You Need to Know About Portable Spectrum Analyzer

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Spectrum analyzers are the most versatile electronic devices in many different fields. These devices are available in a number of versions. One can choose the spectrum analyzers according to their specific needs which may include specifications, measuring range or battery backup, etc. Basically, they are used by the telecommunication companies to measure communication signals and strength of signals. A spectrum analyzer displays the amplitude of the signals as a function of frequency and it can be used to analyze known signals as well as unknown signals. There are different specifications that must be are used while buying a portable spectrum analyzer.

 There are different specifications that must be are used while buying a portable spectrum analyzer

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Important specifications of a portable spectrum analyzer-

There are a number of vital specifications on the basis of which the portable spectrum analyzer can be categorized. These are- amplitude range, resolution bandwidth (RBW), dynamic range, frequency accuracy, signal sensitivity, and frequency range. The PSA is a requisite electronic device for engineers and technicians who measure, detect and display the range of frequencies and conduct field measurements anywhere in the 5MHz to the 2.5GHz range.

Why use a portable spectrum analyzer?

♦ PSA is a well known and used electronic spectrum analyzer that can be used in various places. Due to the numerous benefits, PSAs are widely used. Below, we have mentioned some of the reasons for which PSAs are used.

♦ First and the most important benefit is that it has a different swept type which can operate up to frequencies of different GHz.

♦ These can analyze signals faster than others. In addition, it samples the frequencies step by step. It also captures and analyzes phase related information of the signal.

♦ Most importantly, PSAs are available at the low cost and provide a high-performance.

♦ Next is reliability, these portable spectrum analyzers are specially designed to work without any hindrance for a long time having features tailored to remote monitoring.

♦ These type of analyzers deliver accurate data in real-time that is perfect for the tasks such as- networking monitoring, spectrum monitoring, and interference ratio.

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