Chapter 22

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Another chapter! And I think this might be my most favourite chapter yet! I love writing Argent :)

Enjoy xxx

Argent POV

I knock on her door and wait for an answer. She has been out all day with Jemma, shopping for a whole new wardrobe. My poor Aida had literally nothing with her. No shoes. No clothes. Nothing. And yet she didn't complain. Instead she offered to try to find a job to repay me for giving her my card to buy everything.

I have never met anyone like her. She has nothing, but she would give anything she could to make sure I was not put out. How amazing and selfless. After all she has been through. Fuck I need to grow up to deserve her.

Our future Luna is going to change this pack. For the better.

I hear her shuffling around inside the door. What is she doing? I sent her a text two hours ago saying that I wanted to take her to dinner somewhere tonight. No where too far off the grounds. She isn't ready and we aren't exactly sure if it's all clear yet.

But I want her to have fun. And I want to be alone with her, serious ulterior motives at play here. I have had to share her with the pack for three days. Tonight she is mine. So we are going to a little place just on the outskirts of the pack land, run by some members of our pack. We will be close to home and within the protection of the pack should something happen.

But it won't. No way will I let anything happen to her.

She has been acclimating well for a few days now. It's been a challenge for her. Everyone is naturally inquisitive about where she has come from. She has been facing questions left, right and centre and she has handled it all really well.

We have had a few odd moments here and there. She wants to be completely honest to a fault about where she has been and i worry it may put people off or give them the wrong idea. She is not shy about her past but it's not like she can just say, "oh I haven't been around because my long lost father locked me in an institution to steal my blood" That doesn't really make the best first impression. And it would scare everyone. No one really knows what has happened.

We are still working out what to tell the pack. For now we are going with, Jasper's long lost daughter, my new mate. And since there has been no change with Amalie, we haven't made an announcement yet.

Me having a new mate is enough gossip filled info to fill the teenage angst of many a member in this house for now.

I knock harder and just as I move my hand to knock again she opens the door.

Wow. I can't even form any words. I mean. Wow.

She is a vision. She steps out into the hall way and I can't hide the smile on my face.

My mate is hot.

She has on tight black pants and a form fitting white top. It has loose sleeves that end at her elbows and the back of the top is longer than the front. Her small heeled boots make her an equal height with me.
She only wears light make up but she doesn't really need to wear any. Her pale skin against her dark hair reminds me of a portrait of the Japanese geishas you see in old Japanese movies.

Her long hair is loose around her face and reaches down to her waist. She twists part of the ends in her left hand nervously.

She smiles a small shy smile.

"Well? What do you think? Be nice now, this is my first night out, ever. So don't crush me!"

She winks as she says this. Crush her? I'm over here just trying not to touch her!

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