In Love With My Prey

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Ramu kaka (sighs) : Okay sir.....I mean Sanskaar baba as you wish.

Sanskaar (smiles widely) : That's like my kaka.

Sanskaar sits in front and starts to drive the car. On the other side Swara was seen passing from there only. She was busy in her phone.

Swara : Looks like Laksh sent me the image of that person.

She clicked the photo and it was loading. She was so busy in phone that she didn't realize when she came in middle of the road.

Sanskaar (happily) : Whoa !!! After years I'm driving car in Mumbai. Gosh its so pleasing. Isn't it Ramu kaka ? (Suddenly he sees Swara and forces break on the car.)

But it was too late. His car hits Swara and she fell on the road.

Sanskaar (with wide open eyes) : Shit !!

He immediately comes out from the car and goes to Swara who was lying on the full of blood. He bends down and pats her cheek.

Sanskaar : Hey.....hey girl. Open your eyes. Hey......(to Ramu kaka) Ramu kaka call the ambulance , quick !

Soon the ambulance come and take Swara from there. All the way Sanskaar was with her holding her hands.

In City Hospital..

Sanskaar is pacing here and there and was waiting for the doctor. After an hour the doctor comes out. Seeing the doctor Sanskaar runs to him.

Sanskaar : Doctor how is the girl ? Is she alright ? Does she needs blood ? If she needs then I can......

Doctor : Shh Shh Mr. Meheshwari. Relax she is fine. It could be critical if you were late. But no she is out of danger.

Sanskaar (sighs in relief) : Thank God. By the way can I see her?

Doctor : Um....yes you can but she is unconscious now.

Sanskaar : Okay. (Smiles)

Sanskaar enters inside the room. He goes close to her and sees her face. The then Sanskaar sees Swara's face he become awestruck. His eyes are only fixed on her face.

 His eyes are only fixed on her face

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