Dear Wendy,

                       I'll have to finish the book and get back to you on that one. He does seem like a great author; I also wonder what it would feel like being in the literal heart of Jesus. Life makes no sense to anybody, it's just something that we all have to go through.

         Okay, I get it. I was a clumsy kid, but you were clumsy too! If I recall correctly, you were the one who tripped over your tied laces and fell into a pool! The worst that ever happened to me was walking into a pole. I still have the scar from that but it's slowly fading [which sucks, because I've always wanted a battle scar]. I agree with you; I am pretty hot. No, seriously, I don't have a girlfriend. I did a week ago, but she complained that long distance relationships never work and that we'd eventually break up anyway. So much for 'I believe in us'. I mean, is it so hard to at least try? Maybe if it didn't work after attempting, I'd find it reasonable that she wanted to break up with me.

        And now I'm rambling. How about you? Surely you have a boyfriend too - your very own not-clumsy-prince-charming? Who knows; maybe if we didn't move something could have happened between us. In a way, I'm glad nothing did happen. At least this way, I have a chance of saving our friendship. If we ever dated and something went wrong along the way, I'd have lost you forever without a second chance. I don't want that.

        I'm not at college at the moment; I did go to college when I was back in London, though. I studied music, like you, but I also took maths - mum's a maths teacher, so I figured it was a bonus! I'm currently trying to enrol in a college near where we live; it's hard being a transfer in the middle of the school year. I want to try to get a job too; I think I'll have to stick to a job at a call centre or something for now!

        I'd love to see you perform. I'll be there on Friday night; I need to see you - it's been too long.

        See you soon,
                   the mathematical musician, Luke x

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