Mockingjay Alternate Ending

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I decided to write an alternate ending to the Hunger Games series.  It is in place of the Epilogue of Mockingjay, not the whole ending.  Enjoy!  (The characters and many ideas are not mine, I took them from the series itself)

WARNING:  If you have not finished the series, do not read this!  It will definitely give stuff away :)


     It is a simple white dress, not covered in jewels or ribbons.  Just a single ribbon at the back to tighten or loosen the dress.  It is nothing like the wedding dress citizens of the Capitol had voted on for me almost six years ago.  Just the color white is the same as that dress, the classic color for a wedding dress.  Because today was my wedding.  

     As I stood in front of the mirror, readying myself, I thought about if I was really ready to do this.  It was funny to think that the last time I was going to marry Peeta, there wasn't a choice.  I had to marry him, or the Capitol would have "accidentally" murdered me.  Now I actually had a choice, but I still wanted to marry him, whereas last time I dreaded my life as his wife.  Now, everything seemed so perfect.  Too perfect.

     There was a sudden knock on the door, which made me jump.  Had my mother arrived already?  She wasn't supposed to come for a few hours!  Feeling giddy with excitement, I turned around and yelled, "Come in!"

     The door opened and my eyes widened.  A second passed.  Then two seconds, three seconds, and it seemed like almost five minutes before I managed a weak, "Hey?"

     I wasn't sure if Gale was more shocked, sad or angry.  He seemed to hide his feelings well when he said, "Hey, Catnip."

     I smiled involuntarily, as I always did when he called me Catnip.  "Aren't you supposed to be in District Two?" I asked.

     Gale seemed to take this the wrong way.  "Why, you don't want me visiting once in a while?"

     "No, it's not that, it's's been two years.  You never visited before," I said hastily, not wanting to set off an explosion from him.

     "Haymitch called to tell me," he said quickly.  "I had to come see if it was true."

     "Called to tell you what?   See if what was true?"  But I already knew what it was, I just couldn't stand breaking it to him myself.

     "Your wedding," he said quietly, nodding towards my dress.  "So it is true.  You're marrying Peeta."

     "Yeah," I said uneasily.  "Umm...I hope you don't mind."

     His eyes widened for a moment.  He seemed to be holding something back.  After taking a deep breath, he said cheerfully, "Of course I don't mind.  I'm happy for you guys."  His expression said something completely different, though.

     "I'm sorry," I said quietly as he turned to leave.

     "For what?" he said, turning quickly.  "Forgetting me, or marrying Peeta?"

     "Both," I said weakly.  I felt like I was betraying Peeta, though, by saying sorry for marrying him.  

     Gale shook his head.  "You do understand that you don't have to marry him.  You aren't a puppet for the government to play with anymore.  You can marry whoever you want to!"

     "I want to marry Peeta!" I said defensively.

     "Are you sure?  Or do the poeple want you to marry him?"

     I had the sudden urge to kick something, most desirably Gale.  Why did he have to be so aggravating?  He could see the frustration building up in me.

     "I'm sorry I had to come ruin your wedding day.  I just, I don't, you..."  He looked up from the ground at me, searching in my eyes for someone who wasn't there anymore, who loved Gale too, but she got left behind at the Capitol.  I was the only one here now.

     I shook my head impatiently.  "Gale, I'm sorry, but you need to move on already!  Forget me!  Find someone else in District Two!"

     "Fine!  I will!" he said angrily, but I could see the hurt in his eyes as he turned and stormed away.  Good, I thought.  The sooner he hated me, the bettter.  My mother decided to arrive just as Gale left.  I wondered if she had heard our whole conversation.  When she looked at me, it was obvious that she had.  She seemed both sympathetic and disgusted at me.  She luckily didn't say anything about it, though.

     "Are you ready?" she asked me.

     "For what?"  In reply, she lifted a hat with a long veil onto my head.  She moved the veil so that it covered my face.

     "You look beautiful," she said.  "Your sister would have loved to see you now."

     I smiled underneath my veil.  I would not be saddened by thoughts of Gale right now.  I would be happy, as Prim, my little sister who was killed by the government, would want me to be.  But even though I had just told Gale to move on from me, I wasn't sure if I was going to be happy with me and Gale not even being friends.  Sometimes my anger just got the better of me.  I shook my head to myself.

     "What is it?" my mother asked worriedly.  "You don't like it?"

     "No, it's beautiful!  I just, I'm worried, is all," I stammered awkwardly, tyring not to give any of my personal thoughts away.

     "Don't worry, your wedding day will the best day of your life," said my mother brightly.  Then suddenly her face darkened.  "Is it that you don't want to marry Peeta?  Because you weren't so sure before."

     "Argh!" I exclaimed, an animal-like noise escaping me.  "I want to marry him!  I just...why doesn't anyone believe me?  I do want to marry him now.  Okay?  Just try to understand me for once, mom!"

     I ran off from the room, feeling young and helpless again.  I heard my mom saying something behind me, but ignored her for the moment.  I found an empty closet and made my home inside it for the moment.  After about ten minutes, I heard a knock on the closet door.  I sat quietly, hoping they would just go away.  "Honey, come on, it's time for your wedding!"  It was my mother's voice.  I jumped up and threw open the door.

     "It's about time!" I said.

     I ran ahead of my mother to the pathway leading to the main square of our district, where the wedding was going to take place.  I stoppped when I saw the people crowding the sides of the path.  After a moment, they started to notice me and a hush fell over the place.  My mother ran up, panting, as the music started.  I could make out Peeta at the end of the long path.  I walked as gracefully as possible, like I was supposed to, but started to fast-walk.  This was the first time I was seeing him today, and I couldn't wait to finally get to him.  As I got closer, I could see he was trying to hold back a smile, but the smile won.  I smiled as well, and before I knew it, we were next to each other.  I couldn't help but notice how handsome he looked.

     I turned towards the priest, who was supposed to give vows.  I had never witnessed a wedding before, so I didn't know good wedding protocol.  After about a minute or so of some boring speech in which I didn't know half the words, he said, "Will you, Peeta, take Katniss's hand in marriage, for life and after?"

     I wasn't sure what he meant by "after", but Peeta registered no confusion.  He just said solemnly, "I do."

     "You may now kiss the bride," said the priest.

     I turned towards Peeta, who lifted my veil.  I smiled, but suddenly my smile disappeared as I looked behind him.  Gale stood there with a smirk on his face.  He knew I would worry and be saddened if I saw him, and he decided to stand right there.  I felt a sudden tugging at my heart, but I made myself remember that Gale was all about revenge and violence.  That's why he was standing there anyway, for revenge.  If it was revenge on me or Peeta, though, I wasn't sure.  I took a deep breath and ignored Gale, then looked back into Peeta's eyes.  He looked confused, and noticed that I was worried.  He was so good at reading my mind.

     He smiled shyly at me, then bent down.  My heart raced as his lips neared mine, and I knew that I would never want to have Gale for my husband, not as long as Peeta was around.  Today my wedding would be the best day of my life.


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