Mockingjay Alternate Ending

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I decided to write an alternate ending to the Hunger Games series.  It is in place of the Epilogue of Mockingjay, not the whole ending.  Enjoy!  (The characters and many ideas are not mine, I took them from the series itself)

WARNING:  If you have not finished the series, do not read this!  It will definitely give stuff away :)


     It is a simple white dress, not covered in jewels or ribbons.  Just a single ribbon at the back to tighten or loosen the dress.  It is nothing like the wedding dress citizens of the Capitol had voted on for me almost six years ago.  Just the color white is the same as that dress, the classic color for a wedding dress.  Because today was my wedding.  

     As I stood in front of the mirror, readying myself, I thought about if I was really ready to do this.  It was funny to think that the last time I was going to marry Peeta, there wasn't a choice.  I had to marry him, or the Capitol would have "accidentally" murdered me.  Now I actually had a choice, but I still wanted to marry him, whereas last time I dreaded my life as his wife.  Now, everything seemed so perfect.  Too perfect.

     There was a sudden knock on the door, which made me jump.  Had my mother arrived already?  She wasn't supposed to come for a few hours!  Feeling giddy with excitement, I turned around and yelled, "Come in!"

     The door opened and my eyes widened.  A second passed.  Then two seconds, three seconds, and it seemed like almost five minutes before I managed a weak, "Hey?"

     I wasn't sure if Gale was more shocked, sad or angry.  He seemed to hide his feelings well when he said, "Hey, Catnip."

     I smiled involuntarily, as I always did when he called me Catnip.  "Aren't you supposed to be in District Two?" I asked.

     Gale seemed to take this the wrong way.  "Why, you don't want me visiting once in a while?"

     "No, it's not that, it's's been two years.  You never visited before," I said hastily, not wanting to set off an explosion from him.

     "Haymitch called to tell me," he said quickly.  "I had to come see if it was true."

     "Called to tell you what?   See if what was true?"  But I already knew what it was, I just couldn't stand breaking it to him myself.

     "Your wedding," he said quietly, nodding towards my dress.  "So it is true.  You're marrying Peeta."

     "Yeah," I said uneasily.  "Umm...I hope you don't mind."

     His eyes widened for a moment.  He seemed to be holding something back.  After taking a deep breath, he said cheerfully, "Of course I don't mind.  I'm happy for you guys."  His expression said something completely different, though.

     "I'm sorry," I said quietly as he turned to leave.

     "For what?" he said, turning quickly.  "Forgetting me, or marrying Peeta?"

     "Both," I said weakly.  I felt like I was betraying Peeta, though, by saying sorry for marrying him.  

     Gale shook his head.  "You do understand that you don't have to marry him.  You aren't a puppet for the government to play with anymore.  You can marry whoever you want to!"

     "I want to marry Peeta!" I said defensively.

     "Are you sure?  Or do the poeple want you to marry him?"

     I had the sudden urge to kick something, most desirably Gale.  Why did he have to be so aggravating?  He could see the frustration building up in me.