18: Camping

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Yuna's POV

"Guess what! We're going camping! Not really." the teacher starts to say. I'm already mentally groaning. "This is a mandatory trip. We're going to be there for a few days to observe the area and you all are going to have to make an essay on it."

We were handed the papers that had more information on the essay and what to bring to this "camping" trip. This better not be another freaking group proj— "This will be with the partners you had before."

That's just great. "You hear that? We get to work together!" Jungkook smiles with his dimples showing. There's this guy to work with and there's having to move around to examine stuff that I don't feel like dealing with.

"Remember to bring your tents! If not, you'll have to share with your partner." The teacher repeated a few times before dismissing us.


"Eomma, I'm leaving now!" I was carrying a few bags that contained a tent, a sleeping bag, some clothes, toothpaste, a tooth brush, a notebook, some pens, and some water bottles. "Okay, have fun!"

I drove to the school's parking lot, already seeing some of my classmates waiting for the bus. Including Jungkook. I felt like I overpacked, seeing that Jungkook only has one bag.

I shut the car door behind me and head to where the students were standing. "Good morning Yuna! You look packed! You want me to carry a bag for you?" I nod my head no, but he takes a bag from my left side anyways.

"It wouldn't be polite if I didn't help a young, beautiful woman." he winks. He starts to chuckle as he saw me look away. "I'm only a month younger than you. Geez.. always putting that fact out there."

"Ah! That reminds me, you didn't call me Jungkook oppa yet." Dang it. "Ehhh.." Jungkook puts on his puppy eyes. I sigh heavily. "Jungkook—"

"Okay class! Let's go!" The teacher announces. "We should get going now." I scurried to the bus before he could say anything. I sat in the back of the bus and set my bags down. I sigh of relief, feeling myself relax after setting those bags down.

Jungkook sits next to me and sets both of our bags down. "This'll be an hour drive, so stay comfortable for the time being." The teacher spoke loudly for all of us to hear. Everyone nods in understanding and goes back to talking.

I, on the other hand, take out my earphones and plug it in my phone. "You're going to listen to music?" What a lucky guess. 'Yeah.' I scroll through my playlist, thinking about which song I feel like playing.

"Can I listen?" It wouldn't be as relaxing to listen with only one ear. I prefer to use both earbuds to ignore everyone and everything. 'Sure.' I give him the right side of the earbud.

I stick the left side of the earbud into my left ear and clicked on IU's song, 'Knee'. I felt like listening to a soft song since it's the morning. I glanced outside and watched the view pass as we drove along.

I felt something warm go on my shoulder. I turned my head and saw that Jungkook fell asleep. Did he wake up early or something? Did he perhaps stay up again because of me.. again? Nah, I doubt it.

Maybe he falls asleep easily? I poke his forehead. Geez, him being asleep can be such a relief. I don't have to deal with his teasing. I begin to stare at his face and notice how baby-like he looks when he's asleep.

My eyes goes to his hair. It's so tempting to touch when the light is reflecting off his soft, gentle hair. My hand was going towards his hair when I slapped my hand away. No Yuna, no. I glanced away for a few moments and glanced back at him.

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