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9:00 am rolls around quickly. Brooke is awoken by a rattle on the other side of the bed. She panics for a split second before she remembers she wasn't the only one to sleep in her bed last night. She looks up only soon enough to see the bathroom door click shut.

Her eyes are burning. She rubs them with her fists.

No sooner does Cade come out of the bathroom. He somehow looks even more attractive in the day light. He lingers half way through the hallway, looking back at her.

"How are you feeling?" She asks.

He nervously makes his way back to the bed, sitting down.

"Okay, I guess."

She settles her hand on his shoulder. He flinches, which makes her jump.

"What?" She asks.

His eyes are wide, looking down at his shoulder.

"Sorry." He says hastily.

"Sorry?" Brooke asks, confused.

Cade stands up.

"Just calm down. It's okay."

"No. No. None of this is okay." He says, grabbing his still folded shirt of the dresser.

He runs out of the house before Brooke can even find her thoughts, let alone her feet.

She sits there, stunned for some time.

Finally, she manages to catch her breath and make her way to the window. Cade's truck is still parked in the driveway. She debates for a moment. Does she go to his door? Was this all a big mistake?

Then she sees Cade's face in her head. Not the strong, confident man in uniform. The one she saw last night, the one with tears straming down bright pink cheeks, eyes so tired, unable to carry on. And she jumps out of bed and runs to the door.

She bursts through thier shared door. Cade startles her when she nearly trips over him the other side.

He is in fetal postion, curled up against the wall.

They swap reflections of horror.

"Cade." She says, sounding more exhausted than anticipated.

"What is wrong?"

"You're just going to leave me. Why are we even playing this game?" He retorts.

She sighs, sliding down the wall.

"I could say anything. I could tell you how I am not going anywhere, instead why don't you just let me show you?"

Cade's face is identical to the one that faded into her head just moments ago.

"I'm sorry. I don't know how to do this."

"Don't know how to do what?"

"Any of this. How to be with a girl."

"Do you think I am trying to get with you?"

Cade's face twists.

"I don't know. I've had plenty of girls hit on me, I guess. None of them have actually tried to get to know me though. They all expect me to be this person. Who they see on TV. They think I am some sort of prize, or celebrity. I've learned to deal with that...but you..you're not like that..."

Brooke feels her heart break. She takes his hand.

"What do you want, Cade?"

"What do you mean?"

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