The cabin

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We finally got settled in and we all began doing our separate things.

Mom and dad went to the movie theater in the house to watch a movie.

Alex, mike, Christian, joey, nick, and nick (Christina's husband) went to the pool inside the house which is crazy.

Lauren and I went on a nature walk
(that I was forced on btw)

Lisa, Dani and Amy were playing pool 🎱

Lastly Christina and Katherine were taking naps.

Few hours in advance..
Y/n's POV

When we got to the cabin we all began unpacking our things, me and Lisa kept on bickering on who got the bed in the corner.
L- I'm older I get the corner bed
Y- I got here first I pick first
L- You always get the corner
Dad- Girls quit it
L- fine just get the bed
Y- no you get the bed
Joey-Here we go again

We finally stopped Lisa ended up with the bed only because I gave up. We continued unpacking as we just laughed and laughed for no apparent reason.

I hear Christian shout "I'm gonna head to the pool who's coming" and of course all the boys one by one shouted "me".

Me and Lisa go down stairs and all my sisters are sitting there.

Mom comes downstairs and says "girls me and dad called movie theater"

Amy groans "unfair"

Dani says "let's just play pool Amy"

Lisa shouts "ohh pool".

Now it was just me Lauren, kath, and Christina, Christina says "well I'm going to go take a nap" "yeah me too" kath agreed.

Lauren looks at me and asks "nature walk?". I felt like she was growing suspicious over the past few days so I was planning on just going along with kath and Christina to go take "a nap". I replied "you know I think I'm tired too"I fake yawned I know she didn't believe me for a second i never deny nature walks NEVER.

Lauren grabs my arm and drags me outside (not literally obviously) I almost screamed in pain because it was bruised but I didn't want Lauren to get even more suspicious.

"You slept the whole way here kiddo" she said as we walked out

Lauren's Pov

I finally got y/n outside we began walking and walking we were laughing and getting deep I then asked her about school.
L-So how's school
Looking down at her feet
Y- oh it's been good like the teachers are okay and my grades are good
L- Y/n  I mean like friends and people
She studdered out
Y- Yeah um i h-h ave my friends aaand people aren't that ba-d

I looked at her confused as we were approaching the cabin, but I just stopped as she kept walking until she noticed I had stopped and she looked back as she walked towards me and looked up.

I put my hand on her shoulder and said "y/n what's going on we are here for you this is what big sisters are for, you don't have to be afraid" she looked back as she said "I'll race you inside".

We ran to the house and we saw Christina and the girls were just about heading out, "right in time" she says, Lisa says in her famous dramatic british voice "we have captured the next two victims of the Cimorelli supermarket trip."

Both me and Lauren looked at each other and screamed "nooooooooo" as that was happening Katherine and Christina pushed us all out the door saying "yeah yeah yeah." The victims of this supermarket trip would be me, y/n, Dani, lisa and Amy we hate going shopping for food because Katherine and Christina simply enjoy it to much.

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