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"During the attack on the City of Bones, Jace Wayland fought bravely, and thus the Clave, in their wisdom, has exonerated him from all crimes." Aldertree announced as I gave Jace a small smile. The head of the Institute's eyes flickered to me before continuing, "and the chief physician in Idris reports that Lydia Branwell's condition continues to improve. Out of the infirmary in record time."

Jace turned to Izzy. "You're looking good." He commented.

I nodded in agreement. "Yeah, Izzy. You look as if you haven't been injured."

"I always look good." The younger Lightwood replied silkily. "Why isn't Alec here?" She asked.

Jace sighed. "He needs some space."

"We face a new threat. Valentine has the Mortal Cup, and now possesses the Soul-Sword, two of the three Mortal Instruments." Aldertree said. "Our mission now is to find out what he plans to do with them."

"You okay?" I asked quietly.

Jace shrugged. "I'm fine. But apparently no one else is, judging by the way they're all looking at me."

"Jace, I'm sorry for letting them take you to the City of Bones." Izzy spoke from beside me. "I thought–"

"It's all good, Izzy." Jace assured her. "You saved Alec's life and mine. I would've done the same thing." He added.

"Tomorrow night's rite of passage will bring the total number of dead to 26 fallen Silent Brothers and three Shadowhunters." Aldertree said.

I lowered my head, feeling something heavy inside me grow.

"Take this time to grieve and plan for what lies ahead." He continued. "Your orders will follow."

Izzy suddenly groaned, moving her shoulder a little. I raised an eyebrow, "your shoulder still hurts, huh?'

"A little stiff." Izzy waved off. "Uh, don't worry about me. Keep an eye on Clary."

I watched Izzy walk away before I turned to Jace. "We should keep an eye on her as well."

• • •

"Alec!" I ran up to him, concerned. I haven't seem him since last night. Jace had told me he was up at the terrace shooting arrows in all directions and then after Jace unsuccessfully tried to talk to Alec, he jumped down, and disappeared.

Only to come back now.

"Where the hell have you been?" I interrogated, trying to match Alec's speed. "Alec, I know you're grieving right now–"

He stopped in his tracks, sighing deeply. "Enough, Amelia." He said in a tired voice. He shut his eyes briefly. "Look, I...I just need to speak to Clary."

Without waiting for my reply, he spun around and disappeared around the living quarters.

Shaking my head, I turned in the other direction, looking for Izzy and Jace.

Since Aldertree told us to take the day off for mourning, there were no orders. And I was looking for something to busy myself with.

I finally decided on training, so I dressed into a shirt and some spandex, tying my shoelaces before tying my blonde hair into a ponytail.

I grabbed a wooden staff off of the rack of weapons and started hitting the dummy, pouring all the grief and rage I felt caused by Valentine.

And maybe a little caused by Alec.

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