My Perfect Half

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His P.O.V.

A groan left my throat as I waved my arm around the sheets, searching for something that apparently wasn't there. I lifted my head up and cracked one eye open in the bright morning sun to see that she wasn't anywhere to be found. My eyes found the bathroom that was open and empty as well. I pulled myself to the edge of the bed to see if she fell off while she was sleeping again and grunted when she wasn't there. 

"Madison," I whispered. No response. I fell back onto the bed and rubbed my eyes, blinking slowly as to adjust to the day before finally getting up. I looked down at my bare chest and track pants and decided that putting on a shirt wasn't worth the effort right now and left for the door to our room. Once I opened the door and walked out a few feet, I heard some noises coming from our kitchen downstairs.

Maybe she's getting some cereal? I heard a few clanking sounds of pots or pans. Maybe it's a hungry burglar? I listened a little closer as I walked down the stairs and could hear some angry mumbling that I definitely recognized as my Madison's. Is she actually cooking for me? My heart warmed at the thought and I quickly, but quietly, made my way down the rest of the stairs so I could watch around the corner. 

"Okay, now that its all mixed together I need to spray the pan and then I can cook it. Right?" She asked herself, looking at her phone that she had propped up against a stack of cooking books. I laughed quietly to myself as I pictured her trying to use a cooking book before giving up and finding a video on YouTube. 

"Okay so now I poor in the egg stuff," she trailed off as she carried a large mixing bowl to the stove. I held my breath for a moment seeing as she had the flame as high as it would go and she was already struggling with the nearly full bowl of omelette mixings. 

Please don't spill. Please don't spill. Please don't-

I jumped down from the stairs when she lost grip of the bowl and all of the contents spilled over the counter, most luckily avoiding the stove. Madison quickly grabbed a dish towel from in front of the stove to try to clean up the mess that was continuing to spill onto the stove and screamed when the rag caught on fire. 

"Babe, watch out," I spoke quickly taking the rag from her hand and tossing it into the sink that had been full of dishwater before turning off the stove. I grabbed some paper towels and made a barrier between the stove and countertop to stop the mess from spreading too much before turning to look at Madison. I tried to look stern but I forgot almost immediately when I saw Madison standing there, tears in her eyes, and her left hand gripping her right wrist. 

"I'm so sorry, Jay. I just wanted to make you breakfast like you do for me and then I nearly started the whole house on fire and-"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, hey, stop." I stepped in front of her and put both of my hands on her cheeks, making her look at me. "Don't beat yourself up, I think that you are an amazing cook and do you want to know why?" She didn't answer, just blinked and sniffled a little. "Because you keep trying," I pushed a strand of hair back from her face, tucking it behind her ear. "And about the whole setting the house on fire," I pulled Madison in towards me in a hug, tucking her head beneath my chin. "Nothing bad will ever happen as long as you let me be there to help you. Just like how I need you there to help me so that I don't do something dumb like build a skate ramp in our backyard or go on an untested zip line over the Grand Canyon." I felt Madison let out a small laugh, her breath warming my still bare chest. I kissed the top of her head before leaning back and sliding my hands down her arms to take a hold of her hands. I quickly let go when she let out a hiss at me touching her wrists. 

"What? What's wrong? What did I do?" I could hear the panic in my own voice but I was too nervous I had hurt her to care. 

"No, no. It wasn't you," she sighed, lifting her right arm to show me the red burn that covered her hand around her thumb. It wasn't too horrible a burn but it was definitely going to blister. "I think it happened when I was wiping the counter and the rag caught on fire." Her cheeks were bright red, thin shiny tracks running down them from some of her tears spilling over from her eyes. 

"Come here," I whispered, pulling her towards the kitchen island that hadn't been spilled on and I lifted her to sit by the sink. I went to our bathroom to grab our first aide kit and sat it next to her. After a few minutes of her giving me instructions on dressing her wound, she was all wrapped up and nearly done sniffling. I looked up from her wrist, into her eyes and pressed my forehead against hers. 

"You okay?" I asked.

"Mhmm," she hummed in response, leaning back. "I'm just sad. I wanted so bad to make you a breakfast and I couldn't even do a simple omelette without starting a fire. What wife can't even do a simple omelette?" She looked at me. "I mean, one day we might have kids and they're going to need food and all I can do is cereal! I'm going to be a useless mother and I'm already a useless wife." Tears were streaming down her face at this point and my heart felt like it was being squeezed by a snake. 

"Don't say that." My voice came out deep and gruff, some anger in my tone. Her eyes widened in surprise before I continued. "I will not allow a single person on this planet, including you, talk about the love of my life like that. You have so many great qualities that make you a fantastic wife and will make you an even more fantastic mother." She laughed, still not understanding how wonderful she is in my eyes. "You are so patient and creative. Our kids won't have a second of boredom if you have anything to do about it. You are so caring and will be the best nurse. No matter what our kids go through you'll find a way to make them feel better. Do you even remember how we met?" A wobbly smile overtook her lips. 

"You were driving your motorcycle by my friend's and my camp and you crashed into a fence," she laughed at the memory. 

"And then what happened?" I urged her on. 

"And then I nursed you back to health," she rolled her eyes, her smile more real now. 

"That's right," I smiled, leaning in to give her a kiss. I sighed as her lips touched mine, a part of my heart warming that I didn't know I had before I met her. 

"Thanks for breakfast by the way," I spoke.

"What are you talking about? I didn't even make anything edible! Plus, the whole kitchen is a mess!" Madison laughed, letting me know that she wasn't upset anymore, just slightly annoyed with how things had turned out. 

"Ah, but darling, 'tis the thought that counts, is it not?" She laughed again and I quickly turned around to the fridge, pulling out a box of toaster strudels and handed them to her. "I'll clean up if you cook?" 

"Deal," she said, hopping off the counter. We worked quickly, and soon Madison and I had wiped off the counter and stove top and tossed everything else in the sink by the time that our breakfast was popping out of the toaster. We sat down at the island, our fingers interlocked as we took our first bites. 

"Jay," she said softly, making me turn to her. "Thank you for being my perfect half."

"And thank you for being my perfect half," I kissed her temple and we finished our toaster strudels in comfortable silence.

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