Chapter 7

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And as the time of sunset nears, the members nourish themselves with deer blood to prepare for the night.


They've had their blood.

They're bound to leave you alone now.

They'll be completely sane and equanimous.

or so you thought.

It had been about two hours after sunset, and you could already see the effects kicking in.

ok sure, they weren't as thirsty as the first night, but they looked high and drunken.

'' guys are still crazy''

''it's because y/n's blood works the best~and is tasty~'' Jimin chimes, as you hear Hoseok squealing in the background.

''seriously...'' Jin sighs. ''they're always like this- HOSEOK SHUTUP- when will they ever learn self control?'' You notice Jin indeed was the most composed out of them. You turn to look at Namjoon and Yoongi who were having a heated rap battle using a pen as the mic.

they were definitely  not composed.

Sighing heavily, you dig the heels of your palms into your eye sockets trying to rub away your headache. You recall the moment when you were in the forest, when the sudden wave of energy resonated through you like electric currents.

It was almost as if...the key to your memories had come in your vision but not yet in your reach. Talk about deja vu...

''ughhh, so loud. I won't be able to fall asleep even if I tried'' you groan, blocking your ears from Hoseoks high pitched laugh.

''Did you know, y/n? On a full moon Hoseok actually turns into a horse!'' Jin  chuckles his windshield laugh.

''yup, and you can ride this horse anytime!'' he winks, laughter exploding between the two as they fistbump. ''good one!''

You snort, sticking your middle finger up and make way towards the door. Time for some fresh air...

Stepping outside, a slight breeze washes over your skin, not cold but refreshing. You unbutton your shirt slightly, letting the windy breeze embrace your skin. You were still living on wearing the members clothes, as you hadn't time to go 'shopping'.

Pushing your thoughts aside, you gaze up longingly, the half moon and stars illuminating the darkness. The stars scattered across the sky...they were just like your thoughts. Your thoughts like stars you couldn't fathom into constellations...

You take in a deep breath. A feeling of nostalgia hits you, but you can't seem to figure out why. The night, moon, stars...bought out a different type of feeling.

''sup?'' a voice spoke up behind you, startling you.

''Kim fucking Taehyung. What do you want?''

He ignored your question and scooched down beside you. ''what you thinking about?'' he asks quietly, gazing up, his feathery eyelashes glistening in the moonlight.

''nothing'' you mutter, tearing your gaze away from his perfect side view. well fuck...his beauty is no joke.

This time, you feel his gaze burning onto the side of your face. ''Take a picture, it'll last longer'' you smirk, standing up and having a good stretch. You begin to make way back inside, until a hand grabs your wrist. You turn back around ''what?''

''y/n...'' His hooded eyes pierce through yours, his lips rushing forward towards your lips and surpassing them, and coming to rest on the crest of your cheek. Not quiet there, but close enough to make your heart stutter out of your chest.

''your collar'' he whispers in a silky voice, making your hairs stand on end. You look down and notice your collarbones and below indeed were exposed, milky smooth skin full on display.

Right in front of a vampire. Yeah, wrong move.

''Even if we had animal blood, our thirst is not fully quenched, and if you go walking around- looking like a freakin snack- you expect us not to be the slightest bit turned on? Oh my god y/n-'' he rambles on, devoid of any previous intimidation.

You can't help but admire his beautiful honey toned skin radiating off the moonlight as he chatters on, his killer lips on full display right in front of you. For some reason...

It tempted you.

Maybe it was the night air that caused you to feel so languid and care-free, because you began to feel the sudden urge to kiss him. And without hesitation, you lean in, allowing your lips to capture his in the most sweetest way. He stares down at you, eyes wide and in wonder, a confused elation. And when you pull back, it's your eyes that are wide now.

The moment you pulled back, something had been triggered, something that clicked in your brain. The door to your memories unlocked and the key- was this kiss-

It all came back to you, each memory attacking you like a swarm of flies.

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