heart leaps

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Annabeth's POV: 

When I hear my name being called, the same exact group as Percy, I almost cry with relief. My luck is beginning to shape up, and I am all set at the moment for allies. The closer I get to the end, the closer I begin to think I might win this thing. No, you WILL win this thing, I hear Thalia's voice in my head.

I make eye contact with Seaweed Brain immediately and we both inhale with excitement, holding back smiles. The cameras flick into view and I switch my gaze from Percy to Piper and we both nod warmly at one another. AHA, take those camera men! 

Turning my attention back to Jeff, I fold my hands in front of me. Nerves begin buzzing and I sense something I know will happen, just wait...

Jeff speaks, "Drop your original group bandanas and come pick out your respective ones now."


We do as we're told and then back into place. I know the cameras will probably cut out that part.


Jeff speaks again, clasping his hands together, "Alright, are you ready to get to today's challenge?"

There it is.

I glance at everyone's reactions, and basically, their faces read: WTH? Percy's face though is hilarious, his eyes darting everywhere and mouth open...is that some drool I see?

Smiling smugly, I look back to the host. He grins at our expressions and then notices mine. Of course, he speaks up on it. "Annabeth, you don't look affected one bit."

"Of course, Jeff, I knew this was coming," I answer not too cockily, but with enough confidence that I finally give everyone a real peek of who they're actually playing.

He eyes me for a second before breaking away, the trace of a smirk on his face. He knows contestant's way too well, and I know this game way too well. Oh, this is going to be fun.

Percy's POV:

As I wait to see if Annabeth and I will be in the same tribe, my nerves begin hitchhiking higher and higher. I sneak a glance at her, and her face is tight with fear and the anticipation of it all. My heart gives jerk at the sight of her, and I shake it off. It seems lately that every time I see her, my heart wants to leap out of my chest! I don't know why.

Of course, my brain begins running through all of the possibilities it could go wrong. She would get the other tribe, fall for Jason, she would win, and they would run off into the sunset together. I clutch my hands tightly together. Looking up to the sky I close my eyes and try to calm my racing heart and rapid breathing, no such luck though.

"Olympus, Annabeth."

I feel like I'm about to pass out with relief. Our eyes connect and once again my heart leaps but the excitement is too much that I suppress it all with a smile. Her eyes then shift smoothly to Piper and them both smirks kindly at one another. At first, I am confused, and then I see the camera catching me looking at Annabeth. Shoot, she saw the camera. Of course, she did, Percy, I scold myself. I just can't let that happen again or else people will begin second-guessing what just happened, instead of it being an analysis of the other opponent, it will turn into a doomed love in front of their eyes. And we cannot have that. Although, if I will be honest, I don't care about the public knowing, neither Annabeth and I do, but not until we both have some privacy first. Also, once the public knows for sure, so will our opponents and that's something we can't expose until near the end, better yet, the very end but I doubt we can hold this secret for that long. It will be easier to see one another now, I think positively.

Immediately my brain begins planning places to take her, caves to explore, beautiful waters to swim in, long nice hikes, and romantic scenery, and more. I can't wait. 

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