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Annabeth's POV:

"GUYS STOP STEALING MY ROCKS!" Leo shrieks when every time he picks one up Nico or Piper snatch it. We all laugh, and finally, they both stop.

"ROCK SKIPPING COMPETITION!" Percy shrieks, running to the water's edge hollering.

Chuckling, I pick up a rock and eye the silky water surface. Aiming, I bend down and toss the rock hoping to see it skipping but instead see it drop like...well, a rock. Percy snickers beside me and I shoot him a look, cleaning that expression right off his face in an instant. "Alright, alright, here let me help you Wise Girl," He states, approaching.

Huffing, I run a hand through my hair and allow him to teach. Meanwhile to my left, Piper and Leo are throwing rocks at one another while Nico is shielding Hazel. I've noticed his affection for her, but it isn't at all in a romantic way but a brotherly love kind of way.

Facing Percy, I take in his stance. He has both feet like he's on a skateboard and knees slightly bent, arm crooked and ready to throw. Nodding, I make him back away and take his place. Adjusting myself, I try to match myself to his previous pose. That's when I feel arms slide around my waist, correcting my hips and then relaxing my shoulders. "There, easy. Now, look where you wanna throw and throw," Percy murmurs in my ear, making my stomach flutter.

Flickering my eyes back toward the water, I aim, finding the spot I want to hit. Reeling my arm back, both Percy and I's hands shoot forward, releasing the rock into the crisp air. The rock bounces on top of the water effortlessly, granting a smile to my lips. "There, you did it. I knew you could," Percy smiles, his breath tickling my cheek.

Exhaling, I turn toward him until we're standing, intertwined. His arms around me. Mine around him. We slowly begin leaning forward, as if we're being drawn together. Eyes never breaking contact.

"GET A ROOM! GOSH," Leo shouts at us before snickering.

Seaweed Brain lets out a defeated, disappointed breath and looks to Leo. "I swear, one day I'm going to kill you, Valdez."

"You're lucky the cameras didn't catch that," Piper remarks, blush forming on her cheeks. "It was adorable. You two are my main OTP at the moment! Besides Caleo." She smirks at Leo.

"Whoa, whoa, what do you mean Caleo?!" He shrieks, a blush forming as Calypso looks away in embarrassment. Piper whistles, circling Leo. Taunting him. "PIPERRRRR," He whines, chasing after her.

Piper laughs, "Alright, alright stop! You and Calypso are so attracted to one another, is totally obvious. Just not to you two, which makes it even more romantic!" She gushes, clutching her chest as if she could hold her heart.

"We...no...I mean...I...NO," Leo stutters, scratching the back of his neck.

Calypso taps her foot impatiently, "Piper it's getting a bit late."

Percy, who still has his arm around my waist, snorts, "Okay, I can see it now."

Leo whacks Percy, "Look who's talking."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Seaweed Brain snaps.

Everyone chuckles and just shakes their heads while Leo fumes, "You and Annabeth here! You basically flirt 24/7, you almost kissed right there, and you're asking me what I mean while YOUR ARM IS LITERALLY AROUND HER RIGHT NOW, YOU IDIOT! And I'm just innocently standing there until Piper decides to jab at me! I'm not the one holding Calypso here."

"Okay, everyone just calm down," Nico holds up his hands. "Calypso was right though, it's getting late. The sun'll be going down very soon."

Then all of the sudden Calypso trips while turning around to walk back to camp and Leo catches her. His arm fitting perfectly under her and around her waist. Her arms grasp his neck, and I've got to say...they remind me ofthat couple from romance novels. But of course, Percy ruins the moment, remarking, "Look who's holding her now."

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