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"hello! i'm seungmin nice to meet you!"

"i'm hyunjin."

two small boys stood in the center of the park, their hands intertwined in a shake.

"you seem sad."

seungmin's head was tilted in confusion at the other boy.

"i am not sad. i am strong."

hyunjin's eyebrows were knitted while stating that.

"you can be both strong and sad at the same time. my mum told me that after my dad went away."

"where did your dad go?"

"i don't know. my mum doesn't want to tell me, but he probably went on an adventure. my dad is super strong. where are your mum and dad?"

seungmin pulled hyunjin with him to the swings.

"i don't have mum and dad."

seungmin was confused by that.


"my brother says they left us. he says that they didn't want us."

"maybe they went on an adventure too!"

"yeah. sure."

seungmin suddenly picked up a tennis ball from his backpack. he also took a marker and wrote something on the ball.

"here you go!"



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