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"why did you leave me?"

"i didn't."

"i need to be with you."

"don't even think about it."

"i miss you so much seungminie."

"i miss you too, so so much."

"i can't do this without you."

"you aren't without me."

"i feel so alone."

"you aren't."

it was 2 weeks since seungmin died. all hyunjin did was think about him and cry.

seungmin was there by his side.

with every step.

hyunjin stood in front of the mirror of his room, a silver knife sparkling in his hand as he traced his previous scars with it.

"hyunjin what are you doing?"

seungmin tried to take the knife away from the boy, but it was all in vain, as his hand went straight through the other's, like going through pure air.

he screamed for the other boy to stop as he saw blood dripping to the carpet at their feet, but the boy couldn't hear him.

he took all of his power and pushed the knife the hardest he could, but it wouldn't move.

he concentrated so hard to do such a simple task, all of his energy he had in this world, he put in saving the love of his life.

and it worked.

both boys watched in shock as the knife flew away from the older's hands.

hyunjin looked around the room he was in, his eyes sparkling in the hope he shouldn't have.


the boy whispered.


seungmin was sure that the boy could see him, but then he looked in the wrong direction.

it didn't matter how loud he yelled or how much he waved his hands.

hyunjin was on this world, and seungmin was on a different one.


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