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"Is this safe? Am I going to get some kind of mad cow disease or something?" David shifted the steak off of his eye to look at me.

"Aaliyah doesn't have any ice," I shrugged, pushing it back over his eye. "Are you really worried about it? I can go get some ice if you want. They sell those bags at like 7/11."

"No, I don't want to be alone. What if he comes back?" David glanced over his shoulder like Dylan was standing right behind us in the locked bathroom.

"I think they're kicking him out," I told him, taking a seat on the edge of the huge bathtub next to him. "I'm so sorry, David. I really didn't think he was going to punch you."

"You got the video, though, right?" he gestured to his camera. I laughed and nodded, grabbing it off the counter and handing it to him.

"I started recording when you got in his face, but I for sure thought you would back away!" I nudged him with my shoulder.

"He was insulting my girl," he didn't look at me when he said it, luckily. Otherwise he would've seen my blushing cheeks and my large grin. His girl. Those two words had been thrown around over and over again that night, but they made my heart flutter the same way each time. "I wasn't gonna let that happen."

"You got in his face then bitched out when he hit you," I joked, though it was all true. David was provocative and proud.

"I'm not getting deported to get one hit on your greasy ex-boyfriend," David scoffed, nudging me with his elbow. "You'll just have to fight him for me."

"I wish I could," I laughed, lifting the steak to look at his slightly bruised eye. It was only an hour after the hit, and I could tell it was going to get much, much darker over the next few hours. "At least your nose isn't broken."

"I thought for sure it was," he instinctively wiped under his nose where the blood was pooling earlier. "God, I mean, I gotta hand it to him. It was a good hit."

one hour earlier

"Should we open presents?" Aaliyah smiled at me, and I nodded vehemently, eyes traveling between Dylan and David, who wouldn't stop staring at each other. I was starting to think they wanted to fuck or something.

"Yeah, let's go," I stood abruptly and yanked David up with me, placing a quick kiss on his cheek then whispering into his ear, "Stop staring. He will kick your ass."

Little did I know how true it was. Presents went okay. Aaliyah tried several times to slide David his money back, but every single time he gave it to her again. Dre got her some flowers and a candle and a few other little trinkets, and I could tell he was mad that David had given so much. Aaliyah appeared to really appreciate his gift, though, so I think they both just hated David.

Aaliyah opened my gift which consisted of an oil diffuser she had been whining about the entire time we lived together. She wanted one, but they gave me migraines, so I forced her not to get one. She squealed as soon as she read the box, jumping up to wrap her arms around my neck in a hug.

"Thank you! I love you so much!" she grinned, planting a kiss on my cheek. "I knew you listened to my complaints."

"How can I not? All you do is complain," I sassed, popping my eyebrows up when she slapped my arm.

Dylan, ever the gentleman, gifted Aaliyah a ten dollar Chickfila giftcard—used. It had 3 dollars left on it. His shitty gift really threw me off my game, and before I knew it, I was alone in the kitchen with him. I didn't know how it happened; it was all so fast.

He started talking his usual shit, blaming me for our breakup and telling me how he would be kind and let us get back together, as if he was doing me a favor. I rolled my eyes and smarted off to him, he got handsy, and before I could comprehend what was happening, David was in his face.

"Don't touch my fucking girl, dude," David placed his hand on Dylan's chest, not pushing him but definitely applying pressure. I grabbed David's camera that he had slapped on the counter and began recording. Even if he didn't end up using it in one of his videos, at least I tried. I thought he would appreciate the effort. There was no way in hell I was getting in the middle of the two; I didn't doubt for a second that Dylan would hit me, and I had a baby to think about.

"She's not your girl, bro. I don't know when you're going to realize that," Dylan's smug attitude increased tenfold as he said, "She always comes crawling back to me. I could do anything to her and she'd always come back to me. She's a fucking loser, and the sooner you realize that, the better off you'll be. She'll do anything to be loved, but what she doesn't realize is that no one will be able to love someone that fucked up. You don't have to pretend, dude. I stopped."

I think it was his cocky shrug after he said those words that set David off. His hand, that was once resting firmly against Dylan's chest, pushed him backwards and almost knocked him off balance.

I didn't even hear what David said, but I did see him go down clutching his nose. I heard Aaliyah's scream and mine, but it felt like it was coming from a different body. Everything was slow motion and black and white and I couldn't get to David's side fast enough. The blood was unreal; it looked straight out of a movie but nope, it was definitely blood streaming from my boyfriend-not-boyfriend's nose.

"Get your fuckin' boy outta here, Dre! I told you he couldn't come, but you never fucking listen to me," Aaliyah pushed her boyfriend backwards and grabbed David's hand. Even after the punch, he was grinning.

"You got that, right?"

"It was a good hit," I agreed as David removed the steak from his eye and plopped it onto the counter.

"How do I look?"

"Badass," I lied to him. He looked like a fourth grader who got beat up for lunch money, but he did just take a punch in my defense, so I couldn't let him down. "We should go, probably. It's late."

"Is he still out there?" David asked, then immediately added, "Not that I'm scared or anything, but—"

"Hopefully Aaliyah kicked him out. I'm so sorry, again," I apologized sincerely. "About him and Dre. I don't know what Dre is doing, but obviously he wants Dylan and I back together. Maybe he's threatening him or something; Dre's usually cool. Anyways, you don't care about that. I'm sorry."

"What do you always say? The universe doesn't make mistakes?" he half mocked, but he seemed almost a little earnest too. "Maybe this was proof."

"Yeah, what does a black eye mean for you, then?" I grinned, leading him out of the bathroom. "What has the universe done for you today, Mr. Dobrik?"

"I didn't have a vlog before I came here," he smirked down at me and wiggled his camera in the air. "Now I do."

my friend got punched and so did david lmao. i hope u guys enjoy this chapter! the next one is gonna be juicy i think ooooooh

ALSO heres a question for u all: im thinking of making this book just her being pregnant to giving birth, because im already 13 chapters in and shes like 7 weeks pregnant at this point. after this book maybe ill make a sequel called "raising it" ?? bc if i dont its gonna be like After level long and im not ready for that i cant commit to ideas for that long lmao. lmk ur thoughts!!!
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