43| hospital talks

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EVERYTHING was white. The light shining in his eyes nearly blinded him. His hearing was all messed up, making him seem like he was under water. There was a small amount of pain in his wrist and he could feel the faint pulsing of it under what he assumes is several strong grade pain medications. He blinked several times, trying to clear his eyes from all the gross fluids that are making them blurry. He tried to lift his arm to rub them. It didn't work.

"W-What the-"

"You're alive!" A familiar voice called out. Jimin could faintly feel the prescence of two people next to his bed.

"Duh, Jungkook. It's not like we didn't know that already from the monitor."

"Shut up Tae, now isn't the time."

"Shut up Tae, now isn't the time,"  Taehyung mocked with a high pitched, squeaky voice.

Jimin could practically feel Jungkook's eyeroll as he said, "I do not sound like that."

"You do. You sound like a prepubescent teen."

"I'm fucking nineteen! Fuck off!"

"I'm twenty-one, which already makes me better than you. I can drink legally."

One of the prescene left his side. Jimin could faintly make out the familiar sound of Jungkook's work boots hitting the floor as he walked. He must've went to lean against a wall or sit in chair to pout. He felt himself smiling at the thought.

"Hey look, he can hear us. He's silently laughing his ass off at you," Taehyung chuckled. Jimin felt Taehyung's large hand stroke his hair, "Good job, Jimin."

"I'm gonna kill myself." Jungkook groaned in frustration.

Taehyung had a small smile playing on his face, full of mischeif, "Aw, don't do that. Your oblivious ass finally figured out that Jimin loves you. This isn't Romeo and Juliet, you selfish bastard."

"Is murder still illegal in all fifty states?" Jungkook asked, sending a glare at Taehyung.

Jimin actually managed to laugh at that, a slightly strained chuckle forcing it's way out of his throat. He struggled for a moment before he could finally open his eyes. They focused blurrily on Taehyung's now lilac hair.

"Y-Your hair is p-purple! Wh-When did th-that h-happen?"

"After I stormed out of your dorm. Yoongi dyed it," Taehyung giggled, one hand coming up to pull at a couple of strands absentmindedly, "Welcome back."

"I-I didn't think I-I'd see you again."

"I just ran away to avoid my feelings, I didn't go to war Jimin," He did his stupid smile thing that Jimin was so comfortable with, "Besides, Lover Boy over there called me freaking out."

"Don't call me that."

"Sure, whatever you say Lover Boy."



"G-Guys, stop being annoying." Jimin gasped out, "C-Can I have some w-water?"

"Yeah I'll-"

Taehyung abrupptly turned around and started walking out of the room, "I've got it. You two talk."

Jimin watched as Taehyung's figure retreated. He waited until the younger turned the corner before turning to Jungkook with a shy smile, "Hi."

Jungkook chuckled and stood, "Hey."

"Wh-What happened?"

"Your wrist did a thing. I don't remember what it's called, Taehyung tried explaining it to me but—"

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