Stitched mouth

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Meanwhile Dusk is in the background. Not getting any dares or questions. Sad.

Dusk: I need love too...

Silence: Nah

Don't worry Dusk. You're more loved than Silence.

Dusk: *smiles* Yay

Voodoo: You know... I am curious on why you have bandages covering your mouth.

Silence: They are bandages. I have them on to cover up the scars from when my mouth was sewed shut. How I talk? Well I talk by telepathically sending messages to others.     

How he eats? Let's not answer that...

Bishop: Yeah...

Seriously. He's the reason why we can't go to any type of restaurants.

Silence: I really wanted to eat at Olive Garden 😞

Well we can't. You know why?

Silence: My demonic mouth..   
Bishop: Gave some poor lady a heart attack.

Only thing good about that is that we didn't have to tip her. But that also meant that no one would be getting us breadsticks anymore. Those are fcking fantastic.

Voodoo: What is this Olive Garden you all are talking about?

Lemondrop: It's a small area that serves you Italian food I believe. That's what the book said.

Dusk: Not a big fan of their food but I agree with Alpha... The breadsticks are the best.

Hell ya they are. So good that Bishop and I fought for the last one

Silence: Who won?

It was a draw... it ripped in half. Anyways... who wants to do the outro?

Dusk: I will.. *looks at the readers* Apple, your question has been answered now you may dare Bloody anything ship related. Also if anyone else has and asks or dares, please, let us know. Well that's it for now. *waves at the camera* Cya later!

*sighs* A deal is a deal.... Bring it on!!

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