The Fortune-teller Part 1

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The last few days have been so confusing that I just try to ignore the forgetful feeling in the back of my mind.

I was sick for two whole days along with katara and Sokka. The last thing I remembered was passing out on Peper and waking up with a frog in my mouth. It was gross.

Although, something did come out of my hallucinations and it still creeps me out. A blue mask with white details levitating on its own holding two twin swords in what should of been its hands. During the end of my dream, just before I woke up, the blue turned to red with a hint of orange and yellow. It was as bright as a flame.

I questioned Katara about it but she didn't think anything of it. "Why are you so worried?" She asked as we flew the skies. I shrugged my shoulders and looked into space. "Something just seems... Missing. Like I should know something else."

"What are you, a fortune teller?" Sokka asked sarcasticly after listening in. "Because I'm going to tell you right now, fortunes are fake and stupid. Don't buy into their nonsense."

"It's not nonsense." Katara defended. "fortunes are given by the spirits, and spirits are real. Gran Gran always believed in fortunes." Sokka shrugged and leaned back on the saddle. "Look, it's just my opinion. All I'm saying is that getting your fortune told is just a scam to get money. Its not special spirit magic."

The rest of the journey was silent. The only time someone spoke was when katara and Sokka began debating about fortunes again. The day dragged but we finally made it to the river we would camp out at.

We settled down and Sokka decided to fish while Aang fiddled with something in his hands and I meditated. I wanted to learn more about the blue spirit in my dreams and where it came from, but nothing came to me.

"UUGGHH!" Sokka yelled, breaking my concentration. I opened my eyes and saw him randomly stabbing into the water. "You will be dinner!" He cried, keeping his eyes locked onto the fish swimming around in the shallow water.

I stood up and walked over. The fish kept jumping out into the air. "It's taunting me!" Sokka accused, pointing a harsh finger at it. He turned to me and clicked his fingers. "Can't you catch it?" He asked. "I can't water bend." I said but he shook his head.

"You don't have to. Just-" He began waving his arms like a madman and made whooshing noises with his mouth. He dramatically imitated lifting the fish into the air and into his mouth. He finished the demonstration by rubbing his stomach with a satisfied sigh.

I stared at him with an open mouth, unable to believe what he just showed me. "You know that's not how it works, right?" I asked and he slouched, his hands still in the air. "It's not?" He asked confused. "Thats all I see you do." I laughed and shook my head. "Non-benders." I simply said, walking away.

I turned to katara and saw something around her neck. It looked tangled and like a three year old made it. "What's..." I began and Aang jumped in. "It looks great doesn't it?" He said with a cheery smile. "I couldn't decide whether to use this or vines, but this is way better." He pointed to the lace on the necklace and I nodded along. "Great... Great choice, Aang." I said, staring at it. Katara glanced at me and I could tell by her eyes that she thought the gesture was sweet but a little silly. I silently laughed alongside her.

Suddenly, a loud roar came from behind and all of us turned to see a man dodging out of the way of a platypus-bear. He was surprising calm as it swung large fists at him, and bared it sharp teeth.

"Hello there!" He called while stepping just out of reach from the bears claws. "Make noise! It'll run off!" Aang yelled, running over to him. We all followed and began shouting out ideas to fend off the bear.

"No! Play dead, he'll lose interest!" Sokka cried, pointing to the ground. "Run down hill, then climb up a tree!" Katara called. "And then throw rocks at it!" I added. "Run in zigzags!" Aang cried.

The bear made another swing and I panicked. I threw a blast of air, pushing the the man back into a tree. "Sorry!" I called as he sat dazed and dizzy. He didn't have time to reply as the bear focused its attention on us. Luckily, Peper arrived just in time and scared the bear away. It ran in terror back into the forest.

"Are you OK?" I asked, running up to the man and pulling him to his feet. I sat him down on a log and after a moment, he smiled. "I'm alright." he cheered. I looked at him confused. "Alright!" Sokka cried. "You almost died!"

"That bear had nothing on me." The man said with an arrogant wave. "I had fate on my side." I looked around the group and they all wore confused faces. "Fate?" Aang asked and he nodded.

"Aunt Wu predicted a safe journey." he put his hands together and bowed, thanking the fates up above. "Aunt... Wu..." I said slowly and he clicked his fingers. "yeah, the village Fortune-teller. Oh!" he remembered, digging through his bag for something. He pulled out something long and thin, and handed it to me with a bow. "Aunt Wu also said that if I met any travellers, I should give them this." i passed it to Aang as the man walked off. "Well, see you around."

We watched him leave way out of earshot before talking. "Fortunes?" Sokka said slowly. "Maybe we should get our fortunes!" Katara cried, clapping her hands together excitedly.

"I told you already, its all nonsense." Sokka said, waving his hand and turning around. "Actually," I began, "Maybe we should go. We need a little fun, and maybe Aunt Wu will change your mind about the Fates."

I also believed in prophecies and fortunes, but not as much as katara. I didnt think they could be very specific, like the colour of shoes I would wear tomorrow, but the future does have certain guidelines and the select few can read them.

"Hey look!" Aang cried holding up an umbrella. He had unwrapped the gift and held it like a great treasure. Suddenly, the sky turned grey and it pelted with rain. "I guess that settles it then." Katara said with a smile.

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