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seungmin knocked on hyunjin's doors, but no one answered.

he tried some more.

no one answered.

he tried opening the door but he couldn't succeed.

he couldn't feel the door knob.

but somehow, he found himself inside.

he looked around the house he's been in so many times.

hyunjin's house.

he looked at the couch where the two used to cuddle each other to sleep in winter.

he looked into the kitchen where hyunjin used to make them ramen while dancing lightly.

he stared at the collection of movies under the tv, known as seungmin's favorites.

suddenly, he heard loud sobs.

the sobs were coming out of hyunjin's room.

"please come back."

someone whispered and seungmin knew just who it was.

he entered the bedroom, seeing his boyfriend on the floor, clutching to seungmin's favorite sweater, he used to steal from hyunjin.

the sweater was drenched in tears.

"please stop crying.", seungmin whispered as he neared the older boy.

"i need you here seungminie. i need you so much.", hyunjin cried.

"i'm right here, i'm not going anywhere."

seungmin got himself down to the floor, right next to the taller boy.

he placed his head on the older's shoulder, hoping, hoping so hard that the other would feel him, but the latter didn't stop crying.

hyunjin wore a white tshirt, his scar covered wrists out in the open.

seungmin traced the beautiful scars with his fingers, just like he did it many times before.

as he traced the well known scars, tears rolled down his cheeks, together with hyunjin's.


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