ill love you til the end of time (danisnotonfire/Dan Howell fanfic)

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chapter 1

*Sky's p.o.v*

i woke up to my stupid alarm going off.i didn't want to get up to go class.i hated it there.why?cause everyone there bullies me cause the way i look.I'm quiet,shy and socially awkward.they call em emo,throw things at me,shove me or knock things out of my hands.

i got up sighing and i got dressed in a blue plaid shirt,black skinny jeans,grey beanie and green converse.i have long jet black hair with green in it and snake eyes are grey ish blue and I'm 21.i put on my beanie straightening my fringe,grabbed my bag with my books,keys and phone then i left.on my way to class i got a coffee.when i walked onto campus people laughed and said things like "look its emo girl" or "look its that emo slut why doesn't she just kill herself" i ignored them and i walked to class.i was early so i sat down and i started to play games on my phone.while sitting there someone sat next to me.i looked over and saw a boy about my age with short brown hair with a fringe and brown eyes.

"hi" the boy said

"hey,you new here?" i asked.

"yea I'm Dan" the boy well Dan said.

"im sky" i said shaking hands with him.

"so how old are you?"Dan asked

"21 and you?' i asked

"21" Dan said smirking

then laura the school slut(sorry if that's your name) walked by knocking my coffee over on me.

"oops" she said then her and her groupe of wanna bees started laughing.she winked at Dan then left.

"you ok?" dan asked me

"yea I'm use to it by now"

"what do you mean by now?" Dan asked

i was about to answer him and thank goodies the teacher walked in.

"ill tell you later"

he nodded and i took out my notebook and a pencil and started to take notes.

after class me and Dan talked for awhile exchanged numbers and then i went back to my parents house and walked in to see my drunk dad.what happened to my mom?she died in a car dad blamed me but it was his fault he was driving too fast and he was drunk.i barely even made it.he said i should have died instead of my mom.

"where the fuck were you,youre late!" my dad yelled clearly angry

"i was talking to a friend" i explained

"oh look emo bitch has a friend"

"im not emo dad" i said

he got up and slapped me across the face and pulled me up by my hair.

"what did you just say!' he yelled

"n-nothing im s-sorry" i said stuttering

he let go and kicked me in the ribs.

"now go make me some dinner!' he said sitting back down and focusing on the t.v

i got up and put my bag in a chair and started to cook dinner.after i grabbed my bag and went to my room.i didn't eat much.i logged on to my computer and went on skype and i got a request from Dan and i accepted it.

*video chat*

"hey Dan" i said trying to sound happy

"hey..whoa what happened?" he asked probably remarking the mark on my face

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