Sleepless Nights

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After her conversation with Manik the ride was pretty silent except the sound of rain. It was still raining heavily.

Nandini's pov :

It's raining so heavily. I don't think it will be safe to ride now that too on a bike. But I can't even ask this guy to stop anywhere over here. Uff!! Ayiappa what should I do??I'm so scared😓🙁🙁

And as a answer it started lightening and storm started blowing very harshly.

"Err... Chenn, Can we stop at a nearby hotel? It's raining. I'm cold and it's not safe to ride when it's raining and the storm is harsh too" (She spoke slowly)

" Are you sure?"

Nandini thought for a while and nodded her head in positive.

After riding for a while Chenn stopped the bike in front of a hotel. As soon as the bike came in halt Nandu ran inside. Chenn chuckled at her and followed her.

"Nan~dhi~nih, you want eat something? "


"Okay. Coke lets go the restaurant of the hotel"


They went to the restaurant which was inside the hotel itself and sat at the table in the corner. As they were still wet most people were giving them weird looks.

"You order what you want eat"


Then Nandu calls a waiter and asks the waiter to bring noodles for both of them and a warm bowl of soup for her. Their food arrives soon but Nandu doesn't eat anything. She didn't want to eat anything although she was too hungry. She had little bit of noodles and drank 4/5 spoons of soup and left the food.

And now they went to the reception and Nandu talked with the receptionist.

"Excuse me?"

"Yes ma'am? How can I help you?"

"Actually we need two rooms for tonight."

"Sorry ma'am. Most of the rooms are packed. Its due to the sudden rain and thunder. We only have a room with double beds." (The receptionist replied with a worried expression.)

And after hearing her Nandu was just shocked. She didn't know how to react. But anyhow she composed herself.

"Can I just check the room before we check in?"

"Sure ma'am."

The receptionist calls one of the hotel staff and asks him to show Nandu the room. The staff takes her to the room.

The room was pretty large and two beds were placed in a pretty good distance but she wasn't confident in sharing a room with Chenn. Well no any girl would be fine to share a room with a guy whom she hardly knows and met last weekend.

After looking at the room Nandu went back to the reception.

"Err..Can you tell me how far will we be able to find another hotel?"

"Ma'am you'll have to drive another 45 minutes."

"Err... I can you please check there might be another room available too."

"Sorry ma'am. But there isn't any other room available. It's the only remaining one."

"Okay then. We'll take that room."

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