Other than your twin

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Hey look... your first ever question

Bishop: Yaaaay

Dusk: Ooh Is it me?

Voodoo: No, it's for Bishop

Dusk: I saw the ask.       

Voodoo: But your....okay                                                                                               Bishop: I don't really know. *nervous laugh* Never really thought about it.   Besides my twin, I like everyone else equally.   Lemon is kind and sweet. Loxo is funny, full of suprises and a great shipper. Dusk is fun and sweet.  Can't really think of why I like Voodoo and Silence, but there is a reason...  So  I guess I like all of them equally... But Bloody will always be my favorite.

Lemondrop: Aw, thank you Bishop! I'm glad to be on your good side.

Loxo: *gasps* You hear that?!? I'm a GREAT shipper!!!! Yaaaayyyyy!

Voodoo: I didn't think Silence was even likeable by how much of a donkey he is.

Silence: Hey!... Eh.. true. *shrugs*                                                                                       
Dusk: But if you had to choose, who is your favorite besides Bloody?                                                                                    Bishop: hmm  *thinks for a bit*  Probably Loxo.   

Loxo: Yaaayyyyy! *hugs Bishop* I'm your second favorite!!!

...Is it because he ships me with a bunch of others and that's the only thing you don't have to suffer?

Bishop: Not really, but kinda. It is mostly because he if fun, random, and very entertaining. Also you never know what his next ship will be.

Loxo: Oh! Speaking of my next ship! *lets go of Bishop and looks at them excitedly*

Voodoo: Uh oh....

Bishop: Hm?

Loxo: You look great with someone I ship you with!!!

*bursts out laughing*

Voodoo: ...Good luck

Lemondrop: Oh dear...

Bishop: I am both confused, suprised, and curious....   

Loxo: I'm sorry, but you just look too cute together!!! You're not fully ship material, but your half!!!

Silence: Kinda curious on who it is

Loxo: I won't say now, but I'll hint that they have a fitting personality!!! They wear pink too!!! Oh, and related to someone I ship with Rose!!

*slightly chokes* Hold on wait what? .....Oh... well fck. Congratulations, you're in a ship now.

Bishop: Is it Callie?

Who's Callie?

Voodoo: I think Stardust would be disappointed in you, Alpha Bloods.

Dusk: Callie is Marie's sister... Well actually her cousin but you know what I mean
*processing everything* ....Fck me sideways and call me Bloody...

Loxo: It's perfect!!!! The crazy twins and the squ-

*pins Loxo's head to the ground* That's it for this ask! Apple, ya got one ask or dare left before we seal the deal. If anyone else has any asks or dares, make sure to let us know! Tally- *puts more pressure on Loxo's head* ho!!!


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