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As the sun shone bright in the winter breeze, Tae He walked into the university building with a gloomy look. Today was the start of her 5th semester. Every semester she makes up her mind to organise not only herself but her time too, but that all is in her head and was never implemented. Her mother at times thought that out of sheer certain hatred she was doing what she was. Tae He had such a desperate urge and desire to do something so revolutionary and remarkable that people would always remember her name. But nonetheless she was had a heart that softened at wrong times.

Tae He walked down the hall to get her schedule from the student office. Some might think she was going to be a loner this semester but apparently, her one and best friend had to be with her family for her brother's upcoming wedding. She always wanted a glorious wedding for her brother. She was an obedient daughter entirely dedicated to her family. Whereas Tae He, well as to what she thought, was a good enough daughter. She wished for the betterment of her parents but wasn't as dedicated as her friend.

Tae He's hands were fisted inside the pocket of her hoodie as she walks into the office. Her hair fell over the shoulders that were long and naturally perfectly straight. Perhaps the one thing she liked about herself. On reaching the main desk, not caring to look into the person's eyes she said," 5th semester Kim Tae He. I would like to have my schedule."

"Well well look who is here looking like... I guess garbage..." pretending to be unsure, a voice that is too well known for Tae He said. Almost feeling lump from the voice she heard, a rather disgusted revelation. She whipped her head up to see a smirking guy looking ready to tease her to her limits.

"What....what this can't be.... you can't be our department student head..." she said, her mind getting blurred from that thought.

"Well damn I am..." in a very mocking way, he said after getting up from his seat to give me my schedule.

"Here you go... I can't believe we have the same schedule. Probably was a mistake, I will get it changed so don't worry your pea sized brain." Taehyung flicked his finger on Tae He's forehead bringing her back to her senses. For a while being blanked out, Tae He thought to take this very opportunity to show her very beloved revival how much better she was then him. It all started the day when Tae He was ramming through her bag to find her entrepreneurship assignment that she coincidentally met Kim Taehyung. Her assignment somehow the other slipped out of the bag and Taehyung was the one who gave it to Tae He. Never had she ever thought that her life will be tangled with this person. A person who looked down on people below him, who was nothing but a spoiled rich, who didn't even care what people thought of him and liked having no friends.

"Oh, what no no no no. You ain't getting your schedule changed. You gonna rot with me this semester mister Taehyung." With challenging eyes she said as she grabbed onto his arm. Taehyung jerked from her touch as if dirt had touched him.

"You really like seeing yourself be at the bottom of the class because of my incredible fashion designing skills." He huffed.

"You know I have been not only getting straight A's but also am a teachers favourite while you Kim Taehyung are not...."

"Then I don't know how I became our department's student head..." Taehyung said pretending to be curious at his own known question.

"Bring it on this semester Kim Taehyung."

"Oh, darling I am totally ready."


It really really different to what I write and I am enjoying it and hope that you are too. Love you all

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