Chapter Eight

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About an hour later it was nearing 9 o'clock and we had circled back onto our street. The boys' buckets were close to overflowing, and I could tell they had gotten tired of carrying the weight around. They had began dragging their feet and asking their sister if we were almost home yet every couple of minutes.

Grayson had texted a few times, asking if we were on our way yet. I typed a quick 'not yet but soon' and put my phone back in my purse. Eventually we dropped the boys off home and said bye to Stella and Andrew as we got into my car.

"Is this guys' house far?" She inquired. I shook my head and glanced in the rearview mirror as I reversed out of the driveway.

"It's on the richer side of town but it's not that far. We should be there in under 10 minutes." I told her, and she nodded. After a moment of silence, she turned to me with a grin.

"Did you see that group of idiots 'dressed' as smurfs?" She asked, grimacing. I rolled my eyes as the image of the 5 grown men running around looking like they had been dunked in food coloring came into my mind.

"Yeah, I mean how does painting yourself completely blue and wearing a white hat count as a costume." I said, and she laughed.

"You have to admit though, it was pretty funny. One guy missed a patch on his back and he looked so ridiculous." She cackled and it was such a funny sound I couldn't help but join in.

"If you think that's funny, wait until you hear about this guy who dressed up as a bloody pad last year."

She gasped. "No way."

"Yes way. He had this giant white pad shaped thing on and the whole thing was drenched in red down the front." I told her. We shared a look and couldn't help but burst into another round of hysterical laughter. Within seconds she was crossing her arms over her stomach in an attempt to catch her breath.

It was such a musical sound. When she threw her head back and crinkled her eyes, her mouth spread so wide open I could see her back teeth. I knew I never wanted her to stop laughing. Gosh, I was so whipped.

She reached up to wipe a tear from her eye, a huge smile still on her face. "How do you even come up with something like that?"

I shook my head with a smile. We were now turning onto Zane's street, and we could hear the blasting music all the way from down the road.

"Woah..." Muttered Isobel, eyeing the dozens of cars parked out front and the crowds wandering around the front yard. I saw the front door was wide open as we approached, and loads of kids were drinking and dancing in the living room. I parked a short distance away and we got out. Running a hand through my hair, I straightened out my dress and the cape.

I came around to stand next to Isobel and we began walking. The heels on these boots were pretty high, so we were almost the same height. For once she didn't have to look down slightly to look at me. Usually when I would stand next to her, I only came up to her nose.

"Natalia! You made it!" Slurred Zane, stumbling down the front steps of his house to greet us as we walked towards them. He threw his arms around me and I patted his back lightly, eager to get him off me. As much as I liked him, he smelled like sweat and cheap alcohol and I didn't feel like having that rubbed all over me.

"I did. Good to see you're still an overly affectionate drunk." I chuckled and he pouted.

"I just want to spread love in the world! The world needs more love!" He slurred, and turned to walk off in the opposite direction, still talking about love. I laughed, shaking my head. Zane was known to throw the wildest parties since freshman year, and not just on Halloween. Even without that, he was generally well liked by everyone in my year.

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