chapter 13 frost and snow

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School was over and you were talking to your friend on the school steps Until You See The T-car pull up to the school, you say goodbye to your friends and got in the car and drove off.

Cyborg: hey dude how was school?

Y/n: good and I made some new friends

Cyborg: alright,me and the other are going run some test on your powers

Y/n: okay


You're in the training room while the titans are watching you there was also a target right in front of You and there was also a tube of water right next to you, and bucket of rocks right next to you.

Robin: okay y/n when ever you're ready

You hand your hand into a fist and shot a fireball out of your hand and hits the target. You then use the water in the tube to create a ball of water and threw it at the target. You used the rocks in the bucket and threw them at the target.

Robin: good job y/n

You smiled at them but then you felt your hands getting cold and so did your breath. You walked over to the titans.

Beastboy: awesome job little dude!

You high fives beastboy but he felt your getting cold.

Beastboy: dude why are your hands cold?

You looked at your hand and you started to feel cold you then turned back to the target, you then shot out your hand creating a ray of ice freezing the target. You looked back at the titans who faces have amazed looks on their faces you then started to run and then jump and shot ice out of your ice creating a ice slide.

You side ice creating sharp turns and and jumps you then jumped of fall you were about to create another ice slide but you deiced to scare the titans. You preted to fall the titans had worried looks on their faces you shot your hand toward the floor but instead of ice coming out of your hand, you created a mountain of snow and you landed in, breaking your fall. You looked at titan you had angry looks and all you did was splash water on them and ran away then the other grabbed bucket of water which led to a splash fight.


After the splash fight and a change of clothes you were sitting right next to robin.

Robin: so y/n how was school?

Y/n: it was good and I made some friends and met

Robin: good, anything less?

Y/n: well ... I did meet the other kids who... were kinda creepy

Robin: how so

Y/n: they talk incomplete Unison like they know what one is going to say

Robin: twins?

Y/n: no

You hugged robin and he hugs back you couldn't help about those creepy kids you met today and what wally ment when he called them delightful freaks.

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