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-Chapter 35

Month Ten

Third Person's Point of View:

Eight Years Before...

Younger Lisa tilted her head to the right as she stared at the speechless boy who is currently scratching his nape.

"Well? Are you going to just scratch your nape all day long or are you going to talk?" She stared expectantly at the boy who's currently embarassed for his actions.

"I swear! It was just a dare!" He blurted and she looked at the boy with a scary look. Jungkook noticed this and shivered at the look she gave.

"Oh for fucks' sake Jungkook, why would you even keep a girl's underwear in your room? This is obviously not mine." She stared at the brassiere which was located on the night stand before facing back at Jungkook with a glare.

"And why do you think that I would steal some random girl's underwear?" I just had to buy it for show. You do know that Jimin's dares can be unpredictable sometimes. No, scratch that. ALL THE TIME." He emphasized his last sentence only to get eye rolls from the girl. He ruffled his hair in frustration as he looked at the frowning Lisa who is currently crossing her arms.

"You wouldn't do a dirty dare, Jungkook. I know you won't." She pouted and the boy's expression immediately softened.

But knowing Jungkook, he can change that in just a second. "And who says that I can't do dares like those? You know that I don't back down." He smirks as he moved towards the girl who is now moving backwards, slightly surprised at his change of mood and tone.

"What are you doing?" She asked with a surprised expression, the boy had the same look as earlier's.

"Doing what you think I'm doing." He smiles sinisterly as her back had landed in contact with Jungkook's bed. She had a panicked visage because of this.

To her surprise, she was greeted with Jungkook's ticklish fingers tickling her weak spots. She laughed uncontrollably at his touch.

"No! Jungkook, stop it!" She continued cackling as he didn't stop.

"JEON JUNGKOOK!!!" She screamed once again and he stops.

"Now that is what you'll get once you doubt on your boyfriend." He said teasingly and left the room.


Unfortunately, he can't do that in the present type of situation.


"Lisa! Who is he?" He asked her angrily and the girl looked surprised because of his unexpected appearance.

"He's just a friend. Don't worry." She reassures but his expression didn't change, not even one bit.

"So you kiss your friends now?" He questioned her.

"What are you talking about?! We didn't kiss!" She raised her voice.

"My eyes tell me otherwise."

"Don't talk to me." He leaves her there, dumbfounded at the scene that unfolded.

Who knew that the four word sentence would have a big impact towards them in the future?


"Jungkook!" She called the boy walking ahead of her. Holding his arm but the boy instantly taking it away from her.

"Jungkook!" She called once again and this time, it was so loud that the nearby students looked towards the two.

Jungkook stopped his fast pace as he looked blankly back at the girl. Lisa sighed in relief. "Please listen to me, we didn't kiss nor we did anything romantic at all." She lowered her voice to prevent the other people from hearing what she had to say.

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