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Aarohi 💕

"Good morning Sir"

"Good morning Akhil"

"Good morning Sir"

"Good morning Shewta" Raman greeted his secretary Shewta who passed him some sugary smile today which was  enough to confused Raman Bhalla. He shook his head pushed the glass door to enter in his cabin but stopped seeing his desk covered with numerous bouquets. He looked at Shewta who passed him another lopsided grin before entering in his cabin and then sat on her usual place. Raman went at his side and examined the number of bouquets kept in order, "Yeh kisne bheje?"

(Who send those?)

"Sir woh......yeh I mean......peoples...I mean......the office peoples" Shewta stammered looking at her boss who was passing her annoyed looks. Raman immediately took a bunch of roses and pulled the card over it and next second his nose fumed reading the greeting.

Congratulations on stepping on parenthood....again🌹👼

Mr Mehta and groups

"Ab toh bas news paper mein chapna hi reh gaya hai, hai na Shewta?"
(Now this news just left to be published, right Shewta?)


"Jaao abhi. I will call you later" Raman groaned with frustration seeing peoples reaction for there pregnancy news. For once he felt like to cancel his all appointments and make his way back to home but he knew professionally he can't do same. He had meeting with Mehta groups in next thirty minutes and it's pretty important for him to attend it. Aaj jisne jo bola usko toh suna hi doonga. Raman consoled himself and gathered his files for meeting. He plastered stern look on his face as he entered in boardroom, he looked at Mihir who was doing something on his laptop completely unaware of his presence. Raman was happy seeing his best friend and business partner back, Mihir wasn't in town from a week. The couple went to meet there only son Arjun who was studying in boarding school of Dehradun. Next Raman greeted to Mr Mehta who passed him lopside smile which made him irked but he knew he had to keep himself calm and composed anyhow.
(Leave for now. I will call you if I want anything)

During the entire meeting Raman Bhalla was irked by two persons, first his best friend Mihir Arora and next his old client Mr Mehta. After signing the successful contract Raman was relieved and he was in full plan of escape but his plans kicked on backseat when he saw Mr Mehta in his cabin, sipping tea and Raman Bhalla knew the time had arrived.

"Good morning Mr Mehta. Congratulations on another deal"

"Congratulations to you too. Well it's always pleasure for us to work with Bhalla Enterprises" Mr Mehta is the man of mid 50's, once a charmer of his days the man still didn't loose his aura of charms and held a capacitive place in between ladies. Raman knew him since he begged his first award for youngest business enterpreneaur he was few younger then man but always shared a warm friendship with him but today Raman wanted him to save from any kind of conversation with the old man but stars didn't favoured him as Mr Mehta stopped Raman and forcefully made him sit, "Kya Raman......kahan bhaag ke ja rahe ho"
(Hey Raman.....why are you leaving so soon?)

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