Chapter Two

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I tap on the metal bars, that must've took forever to make. There isn't exactly a lot of supplies out here. I bet they stole it. I tilt my head, looking at the metal harder.

"What are you doing Pakstoka?" A voice says, an older man standing at the entrance, giving me an accusing look.

"I am seeing whether or not you've stolen this metal bar. It's very nice. Would look even better-"

"Ugh, that's enough." Another person says, a woman walks through the door. The amount of armour she's wearing and the fact that she's got a tattoo of the Azgeda symbol tells me she's the one who's been failing to track me down. Sasha groans from beside me.

"Falo." She murmurs to the woman. I give my friend a sideways glance. She knows this woman? Falo?

"Sasha, it's been a long time." The woman's cold eyes glanced over the both of us. She has both dark hair and brown eyes, and very pale skin. There was a constant anger to her. Like any little thing could tick her off.

She squats down in front of my cage, giving me a chilling smile. "And the legendary Pakstoka. The only thing legendary about you is that you're going to die at my queens blade. You and Wanheda."

"Tell your queen to bite me." I smile, and lean forward. "And please for the love of god, kill Wanheda for me."

The woman laughs, Falo, she looks back at the leader of the village. "A fighter isn't she. Too bad."

I give her a wink, and she scowls at me. She gets up and walks out of the room. Followed by the leader. I sigh, leaning back in my cage. I look to Sasha who looks like she's just seen a ghost.

"Got any ideas on how to get out of here?" I ask, groaning.

"Pray to god she doesn't kill us." Sasha says quietly, I send her a look that screams 'what'. What's with her? Sasha is usually saying, kill them, no one is that good of a warrior.

"What? You known her right? So what's about her that no one else has?"

Sasha says nothing.

"Exactly. She bleeds, we can kill her. But I do know, if we stay too long, we'll be dead very soon. By the hand of her majesty. So, please, ideas."

I sigh, when she says nothing. I lean forward, shaking the bars but they're pretty tight. I spend the next hour trying to find a way out, but nothing. All the while, Sasha is like meditating or something so I just ignore her.

I'm about to fall asleep when the door opens again, but it isn't the leader or one of the guys who arrested us. Not even Ice Bitch. It's another man. With shoulder length, curly hair, darker skin and two white beads braided into his hair.

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