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"Hunter, come on. I know it's hard but-"


"You need to admit what happened to-"




"If you don't come to terms with your past, then you're never going to-"

"Just fuck off! Fuck off, fuck off, fuck off! Go fuck yourself you fucking bastard! I hate you! You fucked everything up! Stop fucking with Chris, stop fucking Lisa! Just fuck off and leave me the fuck alone! I hate you! I'll fucking kill you-" I shot up from my bed and started throwing punches at Dr Brown, as hard as I could. I wasn't holding back. He needed to fucking die. "Just stay the fuck away from us!"

"Hunter!" Arms wrapped around my waist and I screamed out. The arms..they were really big and muscular and a lot stronger than me. They could hurt me..they would hurt me. "He needs to be sedated,"

"No!" I screamed and kicked at the man as hard as I could. Another Doctor was running towards me with a needle in his hands. And that's when I started thrashing around even more. Dad used to put needles in my arm..then he'd put a band over it to keep it in. I'd start to get dizzy and I wouldn't be able to move. That's when he hurt me..that's when he did things to me. I didn't want it to happen again. "Fuck off!"

"Hold him still,"

"NO!" I cried. "Don't! I promise I wont do anything! I promise i'll be good! I promise!"

I stopped struggling and the man nodded at whoever was holding me. He looked me in the eye, and I held back the urge to punch him in the face.

"Do that again and there'll be no second chance," he said before walking off. I tried to shove the other man off me but he didn't let go..he just held on for a few moments. Probably waiting to see when I'd next freak out. But I kept still, and he finally muttered, "Come on Storm," before dragging me away.


I hated the fucking social room. No one was social. But then, I liked it better that way so I wasn't bothered. I just hated sitting in a room full of people, Doctors staring at us to make sure we weren't going to kill anyone, and not being able to punch fucking anything.

They didn't let me smoke..and I really needed one.


I turned to the side and looked up at a kid who seemed about my age. He had black hair, and his lip was shaking a bit. He was fidgeting with his hands and he had..oh my fucking god. Half the side of his face was fucking..disgusting. It was horrible. The left side was normal, just pale skin. But the right side..it had a fucking half chelsea smile on. It was like someone had took a knife, stabbed it into his mouth and dragged it up to his ear. It obviously happened not long ago..the stitches were still in.

"Fuck off," I muttered.

"Wait," he whimpered a little and I turned back. He reminded me of what I was like when I first came to Chris..he reminded me of what I was like the last time I saw Chris. "Are you..are you H-Hunter?"

"Yeah. Why?"

"The D-Doctor said I should talk to y-you," he stuttered. "I'm new here..and he said that y-you went through the s-same things I d-did. He s-said you could be my f-friend,"

"We're not friends," I whispered.

"I'm s-s-staying in your room. We're..we're roomates,"

Just fucking great. Another version of myself sharing a room with me. Fucking..amazing.

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